Coronation Street Spoilers Abi Franklin Discovers Tracy Barlows Devastating Betrayal....!

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# Our Fanspage Click here (Please Like) : # Follow Our Twitter, click here : # Don't forget to visit my other channel: Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy Barlow to take revenge on Abi over Steve McDonald kiss? CORONATION STREET could unleash Tracy Barlow’s wicked side after her new friend Abi Franklin was spotted kissing her fiancé Steve McDonald. But with a wedding on the horizon will Tracy risk her happiness to get revenge? Tracy Barlow (played Kate Ford) has put her catty ways behind her as of late following her announcement she and on-off partner Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) would tie the knot. However, her scheming new friend mechanic Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) could change all that after making a move on Tracy’s other half. In Wednesday night’s double bill of Coronation Street, newcomer Abi pushed the boundaries and put her friendship with Tracy at jeopardy when she locked lips with Steve. Despite Tracey spotting the pair just moments after the passionate exchange, she seemed unaware that anything untoward had happened. However, fans of the ITV series were quick to take to social media to suggest Tracy would discover they kissed and take revenge on Abi and Steve for betraying her trust. After the kiss, one viewer speculated: “Something tells me Tracy and Steve’s wedding won’t go to plan. Weddings never do.” Another questioned: “You don’t think they will push Abi and Steve together at some point? Tracy would be fuming!” A third pointed out that adding all three people to the mix was a disaster waiting to happen, writing: “Steve, Tracey and Abi… as Nat King Cole once said ‘there may be trouble ahead’.” Meanwhile, someone else begged Coronation Street producers not to destroy Tracy and Abi’s friendship, pleading: “Oh no I love Tracy and Abi together don’t ruin it by throwing Steve in the middle.” Others urged Abi to be cautious around Tracey following the kiss with one warning: “Word of advice Abi! Don’t stand anywhere near Tracy when she is in the vicinity of a blunt object. Your life isn’t going to be worth living.” It is possible Abi and Steve’s relationship could develop into something romantic as Sally, who plays the drug addict, said they have an “instant bond”. Explaining why there may be a connection between the two of them, Sally suggested it has something to do with the fact they both lost children. Speaking about the scene when Steve finds Abi at the train station, she said: “She is not angry anymore but she is just so heartbroken and he recognises that because he has lost a child, he lost his baby with Michelle. “This is really something that clicks with Abi and she sees him properly for the first time. There is an instant bond there after that." She added: “He makes her feel like a human being who has just messed up a little bit and she reaches forward and kisses him. “He doesn’t expect it but I don’t think he altogether hates it either.” Teasing the possibility of a romance between the pair, she continued: “[Abi] feels like she has made a real connection with someone and it’s one of those instant, weird things that happens to people now and again. “Maybe it wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t so fragile and had a drink but she lets her emotions take over. “She thinks, ‘Maybe there is something more to Steve than meets the eye’.” Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin and Steve McDonald grew close after a heart-to-heart chat Coronation Street spoilers: Fans think Tracy Barlow will find out about Abi and Steve's kiss Coronation Street spoilers: An oblivious Tracy comforts Abi after she kisses Steve Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy Barlow to take revenge on Abi over Steve McDonald kiss?

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# Our Fanspage Click here (Please Like) : # Follow Our Twitter, click here : # Don't forget to visit my other channel: Coronation Street fans mock Sean Tully for his perfectly groomed hair – despite being homeless ITV viewers weren't impressed that Antony Cotton's appearance didn't appear to tally with his living conditions CORRIE fans tonight mocked Sean Tully for having perfectly groomed hair despite apparently being homeless. The former knicker-stitcher - played by Antony Cotton - has been forced to beg on the street since being down on his luck. But ITV viewers were less than impressed that the character didn't look like he had been sleeping rough for weeks. One said: "Sean's the most well groomed homeless person I've ever seen #corrie." Another added: "I don’t think this Sean homelessness story on #Corrie is particularly convincing. He’s been on the streets 6 weeks and it’s not affected his comb-over." Someone else said: "Not expecting Sean to be Tom Hanks in Cast Away quite yet but doesn't exactly *look* homeless... #corrie." Another fan added: "Sean's been homeless now for how long??? Yet his hair is still perfectly cut. #corrie." An annoyed viewer vented: "May I pitch a better storyline idea for #Corrie for Sean, please? Kill him off!" Someone added: "This Sean storyline is awful yes it raises awareness but I feel no sympathy for the Sean chracter #corrie." Everything unravelled for Sean in Coronation Street after Fiz asked him to move out so she could make a fresh start following her split from Tyrone. But he didn't own up about the fact that he's broke and has been lying about having a job for months. Sean asked Liz if she could stay with him and she agreed - but she soon went back on her offer after he betrayed her by taking over her job at the Rovers. After failing to find somewhere to stay he was reduced to taking a tent that Kirk had thrown out in the rubbish and pitching up in the park. Sean became the victim of a vicious mugging and beating but his friend Carol came to his aid. Tonight, he finally admitted to Billy Mayhew he has been sleeping rough, when he said: "I'm homeless, Billy. I've got nothing." Sean finally comes clean about his living situation in Coronation Street tonight Fans failed to see how Sean would look like this if he'd been living on the streets His short back and sides were criticised by viewers Corrie fans ranted about Sean Tully, played by Anthony Cotton, not 'looking homeless'


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