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Published Date : 2015-04-16T21:07:26.000Z

Life Story Funeral Homes present the life of Elsie Taylor of Mesick, MI. To read the obituary of Elsie Taylor, to read the full Life Story, or to leave a memory or comment, please visit https://lifestorytc.com/obituaries/elsie-taylor.106596 .

Channel Title : Neath-Afan

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Published Date : 2019-01-02T08:14:08.000Z

Gaia IT International Level B “Kids” Champion for 2018 representing Neath-Afan Gymnastics

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Published Date : 2014-10-07T15:08:12.000Z

Jan has the profile, many people know who he is

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Published Date : 2013-04-06T23:37:13.000Z

A song for curlyfry123a; she write it in about a minute while drinking so im impressed

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Published Date : 2019-07-25T00:02:44.000Z

(1) Mom & Dad on their wedding day....decorated car....cutting cake. ♥ (2) Mom at San Mateo home (3) Ralph & Elsie (Dad & Mom) with Freddie Matthews (Dad's best friend / best man at wedding) and...I think(!) Olony Matthews (or possibly Mom's maid of honor, Billie Douglas?) ~ outside Conly's home in San Mateo. (Dad was 31 / Mom was 25) ♥ (Some of it's dark, but I kept it cuz it's all we have of their wedding day ~ I've never seen their cake before!) ♥

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Published Date : 2016-04-01T16:00:02.000Z

Music video by Kelsea Ballerini performing Peter Pan. (C) 2016 Black River Entertainment Check out the latest updates at www.kelseaballerini.com! Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/artists/B0044BKDUI?ref=dm_sh_41df-bb60-dmcp-f6fe-19e70musicTerritory=US&marketplaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DER Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kelsea-ballerini/382270241 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3RqBeV12Tt7A8xH3zBDDUF?si=IZYSQh9BTFuJRAJNds5kZQ TIDAL: https://tidal.com/artist/5788388 YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com/channel/UCeX-6wYcWQKBpRHtBQOjqjg Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/station/play/4030949437228288016 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kelseaballerini/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/kelseaballerini Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kelseaballerini/ #KelseaBallerini #PeterPan #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo Lyrics: The smile, the charm, the words, the spark Everything you had it | guess I had a naive heart | ‘Cause boy, I let you have it, you said I was your only | Never thought you’d leave me lonely | You’re just a lost boy With your head up in the clouds | You’re just a lost boy Never keep your feet on the ground // Always gonna fly away Just because you know you can | Never gonna learn there’s No such place as Neverland You don’t understand | you’ll never grow up | You’re never gonna be a man | Peter Pan // Deep down I knew that you were too good to be true | But every piece and part of me wanted to believe in you | Now it’s happily ever never, I guess now I know better | You’re just a lost boy With your head up in the clouds | You’re just a lost boy Never keep your feet on the ground you’re just a lost boy | yeah, I know who you are | you’re just a lost boy | you’re too busy chasing stars http://vevo.ly/2GKB9s


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