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Channel Title : filmboychris1 Walker

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Published Date : 2017-07-30T20:11:04.000Z

At last, the full print in nice condition and with the missing phone booth sequences put back. I believe this is probably the only full version of this film now available, pieced together from a Channel 4 screening in 1990 and with the full logos and BBFC certificate too. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Channel Title : filmboychris1 Walker

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Published Date : 2017-08-09T07:49:21.000Z

Remastered German Krimi Edgar Wallace thriller which has come from a lovely picture German dvd married to a vhs english soundtrack. The fact that this film has no English language dvd release has been rectified here so that English speakers can enjoy this film normally only available in German. I have corrected an echo in the soundtrack at the 30 minute mark, which seems to have crept into my original video master due to a duplicate sound section for 3 minutes of the film where it had two English feeds for the soundtrack and they were slightly out of synchronization, giving an echo effect for the entire scene from 30 minutes into the film. This is now corrected in the new upload - so enjoy.

Channel Title : filmboychris1 Walker

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Published Date : 2017-08-06T02:01:56.000Z

1965 Italian b/w horror thriller with Barbara Steele, hiding a dark secret in her villa regarding her dead husband, who dabbled in the occult, and is now reaching out from the grave for revenge on those who murdered him. This is a composite remaster which is the US/European English language version of the film taken from various good quality versions. I have uploaded this because it is the best looking of the English friendly versions. A beautiful HD version of the Italian cut is on youtube, with Italian dialogue and English subtitles. This version known as 5 Tombe Per Un Medium, has a different opening scene set in the attorneys office before the titles, whereas the US version has a death of the first conspirator by horse in a barn before the opening credits. The italian cut also has a different suicide of the wheelchair bound Stiml, who hangs himself, but in the US cut he puts a sword into a chest of drawers, and runs himself into it. I believe the version I have uploaded here also has bits from a European cut which were missing from the US 82 minute cut, so my version is just over 90 minutes plus logos, and is English throughout with no subtitles. Unfortunately the opening titles are poor quality, but the rest of the visuals look pretty good. Enjoy!!!

Channel Title : filmboychris1 Walker

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Published Date : 2017-03-05T21:35:08.000Z

UK cult horror with Mark Raven, James Bolam, Mary Maude, Ronald Lacey and Judy Matheson, about a mad sculptor who kills one of his models by encasing her in clay and then pours molten bronze into the mould. Later he is haunted by her spirit, as it is reveled she was part of a weird religious sect.

Channel Title : filmboychris1 Walker

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Published Date : 2016-08-07T22:59:38.000Z

This is a fan edit of the original Cinerama release of Necromancy from 1972 with a few extra bits added here and there to straighten out a couple of plot points. So much better than the awful 1983 mis-mash called The Witching made in 1983 from this film, with added scenes of debauchery to make it more marketable. I think this version is a lot better story wise, and it is from the "R" rated cut with some nudity and violence not seen in the "PG" release. Enjoy.

Channel Title : filmboychris1 Walker

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Published Date : 2017-04-26T22:43:06.000Z

Simon Ward and Hayley Mills meet up by chance and end up on the run from the police after a fight with some biker thugs ends up with one of the bikers possibly dead. However, the local area is also being terrorized by an escaped mental patient, whose path seems to cross that of the two fleeing strangers. A great UK thriller that is never shown anywhere these days and is not available on dvd in English language. There are other prints on Youtube, but from a sub-standard vhs, so this new version looks better than anything else. This is a DIY restoration of the film, done from purely digital sources,with the best quality print available, cleaned up and re-titled for British viewers. Enjoy. Directed by Sidney Hayers.


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