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Channel Title : HaierUp

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Published Date : 2013-04-29T02:23:35.000Z

If heterophobia was actually real "Teen bulling and teen suicide based on someone's sexual preference is ridiculous - and this film turns the tables on modern society. What IF the shoe was on the other foot?. " --K.Rocco Shields (Creator/Director) WingSpan Pictures is currently seeking financing of the feature version of the film. For press/media/investing inquires contact: We need to make this a feature film. Help us by reposting and spreading the love!

Channel Title : Alex Kiker

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Published Date : 2018-07-01T04:46:24.000Z

This is my short film submission for the FiLMiC Pro One World Contest. This is a short film I shot by myself with just my iPhone and a tripod. The story is about someone who has been working late hours at his day job and finds out that his girlfriend is leaving him. Social: Instagram: Twitter:

Channel Title : Isaiah Mboe

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Published Date : 2018-06-16T13:45:25.000Z

A short film by me and my friend, Mutindi Muasa highliting how disappointing it is to have land meant for kids to play taken away from them. We shot the entire video handheld on the Galaxy S9 Plus using the Filmic Pro app with no attachable lens, at an area in Kenya called Kiserian. CREDITS: PRODUCERS - Mutindi Muasa & Isaiah Maghanga SET ASSISTANT - Sam Nasong'o FOOD - Mumbe Muasa SET (HOUSE) - Mr. and Mrs. Muli MUSIC: FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Behance:

Channel Title : Movieclips

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Published Date : 2015-11-14T18:40:39.000Z

Jurassic World movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Owen (Chris Pratt) steps in to save a young handler after he falls into the raptors' cage. FILM DESCRIPTION: Dinos reign again in this fourth entry of the Jurassic Park series to be scripted by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver. CREDITS: TM & © Universal (2015) Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio, Chris Pratt, Omar Sy Director: Colin Trevorrow Producers: Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Thomas Tull, Patrick Crowley Screenwriters: Derek Connolly, Rick Jaffa, Colin Trevorrow, Michael Crichton, Amanda Silver WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: ComingSoon: Indie & Film Festivals: Hero Central: Extras: Classic Trailers: Pop-Up Trailers: Movie News: Movie Games: Fandango: Fandango FrontRunners: HIT US UP: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr:

Channel Title : Chen Jerry

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Published Date : 2018-06-19T17:15:20.000Z

[Filmic Pro One World Film Contest] This is a short film shot entirely on iPhone X when I travel in Machu Picchu. I really like this place so I spend two whole days there, one day for sightseeing and another day only for shooting. The video quality is pretty decent from a mobile phone's perspective. I use Filmic Pro as my shooting apps and it works solid. However, two things need to be pointed out: 1. The bright part in the video seems blowed out, since I only use normal settings when filming. Filmic Pro DO offers LOG shooting, but a fee is needed for upgrade and it is only support up to 4K 30FPS, while I need to shoot in 4K 60FPS. 2. I used a wide gamut (Rec. 2020) settings when post product this film, it can be seen a little bit difference between an ordinary monitor and a wide gamut monitor, bot not a lot. I believe LOG shooting will get a better result. Last but not least, I hope you like this video and share it with others, THANK YOU! Equipments: iPhone X 256 GB Zhiyun Smooth 3 Gimbal Shot using Filmic Pro Post Production on Mac Pro (Late 2013): Final Cut Pro Davici Resolve Music Credit: Evgeny Emelyanov - Sorrow Music by Evgeny Emelyanov Facebook: Follow Evgeny Emelyanov on: Facebook: Soundcloud: Licensing:

Channel Title : FiLMiC Pro

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Published Date : 2018-04-04T20:22:21.000Z

Tell your story with FiLMiC Pro! Here we are in Cable Bay, New Zealand shooting with a Moment lens and case. You could win a Moment case + 4 lenses by submittting your film to the One World Film Contest by May 31st, 2018! We will be giving away $25 in gear and prizes. We have prize packages for 6 talented winners in 6 categories including Fiction, Documentary, Travel, Music, Animals and Experimental. We also have a DJI Mavic Air drone available for the best behind the scenes content. To learn more and enter go to

Channel Title : Piedmont Motion Picture

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Published Date : 2017-08-14T11:00:03.000Z

In this episode of The Piedmont Motion Picture Show, I wanted to dig a little deeper into iPhone Filmmaking and show you the 8 steps that I took in order to obtain the cinematic iPhone footage with FiLMiC Pro I posted in this video: in the video I put together about shooting cinematic iPhone footage with FilMiC Pro, I only showed the results I was able to get; this week, I want to show you 8 steps for cinematic iPhone footage with FilMiC Pro App. Follow this link to buy the app, and try it for yourself: You can also visit the official site for FilMiC Pro here: iPhone filmmaking is becoming more prevalent everyday. "They" say that the best camera is the one we have with us, and we always have our cellphones nearby. Smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly viable ways of filming some really great footage, and with the help of the Filmic Pro app, we can get even more control of the camera settings to really get some impressive footage! SEE OUR FILMS AND BTS FEATURES BEFORE ANYONE ELSE BY SUPPORTING THIS CHANNEL ON PATREON: GET MY FiLMiC PRO LUT PACK HERE: THE GEAR I USE: PRODUCTS FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: The Ulanzi Tripod Mount for iPhone: The Joby Gorillapod: MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: I Don't See the Branches, I See the Leaves by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: FOLLOW MY FILMMAKING JOURNEY: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: HELP THIS CHANNEL GROW! Like, Comment & Subscribe to stay updated with my latest content! VLOGS, TUTORIALS, SHORT FILMS, & PRODUCT REVIEWS uploaded frequently! TUBEBUDDY: I use Tubebuddy to help get the most exposure for my YouTube uploads. It can really help you become a better YouTuber! Check it out here: SEND MAIL TO:

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Thank For Watching ! Don't Forget To LIKE and SUBSCRIBE !!!

Channel Title : Rick Gude

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Published Date : 2017-04-08T20:17:05.000Z

iPhone 7 Plus Cinematic video // New York City // Filmic Pro // Film Convert // Davinci Resolve Shot on iPhone 7 Plus in LOG mode using Filmic Pro. Cinematic grading approach done with Davinci Resolve & Film Convert. Gear used: iPhone 7 Plus Techo clip (clip only, not the lens) Variable ND filter (37mm) No extra lenses used. The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States. With an estimated 2015 population of 8,550,405 distributed over a land area of about 302.6 square miles (784 km2), New York City is also the most densely populated major city in the United States. Located at the southern tip of the state of New York, the city is the center of the New York metropolitan area, one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. A global power city, New York City exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment, its fast pace defining the term New York minute. Home to the headquarters of the United Nations, New York is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world. Situated on one of the world's largest natural harbors, New York City consists of five boroughs, each of which is a separate county of New York State. The five boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island – were consolidated into a single city in 1898. The city and its metropolitan area constitute the premier gateway for legal immigration to the United States, and as many as 800 languages are spoken in New York, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world. By 2015 estimates, the New York City metropolitan region remains by a significant margin the most populous in the United States, as defined by both the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), 20.2 million residents, and the Combined Statistical Area (CSA), 23.7 million residents. In 2013, the MSA produced a gross metropolitan product (GMP) of nearly US$1.39 trillion. In 2012, the CSA generated a GMP of over US$1.55 trillion. NYC's MSA and CSA GDP are higher than all but 11 and 12 countries, respectively. New York City traces its origin to its 1624 founding in Lower Manhattan as a trading post by colonists of the Dutch Republic and was named New Amsterdam in 1626. The city and its surroundings came under English control in 1664 and were renamed New York after King Charles II of England granted the lands to his brother, the Duke of York. New York served as the capital of the United States from 1785 until 1790. It has been the country's largest city since 1790. The Statue of Liberty greeted millions of immigrants as they came to the Americas by ship in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is a symbol of the United States and its democracy. In the 21st century, New York has emerged as a global node of creativity and entrepreneurship, social tolerance, and environmental sustainability. Many districts and landmarks in New York City have become well known, and the city received a record of nearly 60 million tourists in 2015, hosting three of the world's ten most visited tourist attractions in 2013. Several sources have ranked New York the most photographed city in the world. Times Square, iconic as the world's "heart" and its "Crossroads", is the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District, one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections, and a major center of the world's entertainment industry. The names of many of the city's bridges, tapered skyscrapers, and parks are known around the world. Anchored by Wall Street in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, New York City has been called both the most economically powerful city and the leading financial center of the world, and the city is home to the world's two largest stock exchanges by total market capitalization, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Manhattan's real estate market is among the most expensive in the world. Manhattan's Chinatown incorporates the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere, with multiple signature Chinatowns developing across the city. Providing continuous 24/7 service, the New York City Subway is one of the most extensive metro systems worldwide, with 472 stations in operation. Over 120 colleges and universities are located in New York City, including Columbia University, New York University, and Rockefeller University, which have been ranked among the top 35 in the world.

Channel Title : Dom_Ryan

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Published Date : 2017-09-13T20:28:22.000Z

Welcome back to another Disneyland Edit. You can do a lot at the Happiest Place on Earth. I take my recent projects/edits and try to make them better throughout my video making. Think of this as a continuation of my first Disneyland edit, "All Started by a Mouse." Equipment used: IPhone 7 Plus Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro '17 Song used: Song: Troye Sivan - Wild (Hibell Remix) Support Hibell: Follow Troye Sivan: SC: Facebook: Instagram: All rights to the song belong to TroyeSivan & Hibell For entertainment and Film purposes only

Channel Title : Kimer Lorens

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Published Date : 2017-03-16T09:43:08.000Z

I waited this film for decades... I cant say, that I'm satisfied. Can't say I'm dissapointed. It was a good show, but I was expecting a bit more, after so many years of waiting. But I'm glad that they made the movie. And I'm waiting for the next one! Credits goes to: Atlas Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment. Monetized by owner/s.

Channel Title : Scopian01

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Published Date : 2017-08-29T19:21:47.000Z

No Man's Land Scene | Wonder Woman (2017) Movie info: Buy it on Blu-ray: Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anaya, Lucy Davis, Ewen Bremner, Said Taghmaoui, Eugene Brave Rock -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Google+: ► Scopian01: -------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Warner Bros. (2017) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Wonder Woman No Man's Land Scene

Channel Title : Dantrachtenberg

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Published Date : 2011-08-23T18:10:01.000Z

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there... This is a short set in the world of the Portal video games created by Valve Software. Recommend viewing in HD in FULLSCREEN with sound UP...

Channel Title : FiLMiC Pro

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Published Date : 2018-04-05T20:10:01.000Z

Tell your story with FiLMiC Pro! We dropped by the FilmConvert office in Wellington, NZ and got to check out their brand new Samsung S8 camera profiles especially designed for FiLMiC Pro's FLAT and LOG modes. They make it so easy to get the film look! You could win a copy of FilmConvert by submittting your film to the One World Film Contest by May 31st, 2018! We will be giving away $25 in gear and prizes. We have prize packages for 6 talented winners in 6 categories including Fiction, Documentary, Travel, Music, Animals and Experimental. We also have a DJI Mavic Air drone available for the best behind the scenes content. To learn more and enter go to and grab the latest FilmConvert iPhone and Samsung S8 camera profiles at

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Published Date : 2016-10-14T19:17:01.000Z

This video is the video which breaks all the rules as it breaks the 180 degree rule and has multiple jump cuts. The video also have different sound effects some of which match the action which is something that is allowed to be done, here it is done through sound effects and not through the action. Even though this is a very short clip you can easily tell that it doesn’t look right this is because it has broken rules which shouldn’t be broken in a filmic world as it breaks the verisimilitude of the video. the video shows a college student walking down some stairs through a corridor and the outside once she is outside she meets a friend, this is when the 180 degree rule is broken because they move to different positions and don’t stay on the left and right of the frame. The last shot is meant to be an over the shoulder shot but it hasn’t been framed right making it look like it is going to be a shot reverse shot but then the video ends. The Mise-En-Scene within this short clip is the Where are you? the college student is dressed and is walking also the bag she is carrying is a prop and isn’t used within the clip she is only carrying it to help represent the typical life of a college student. Also the second college student we see towards the end isn’t carrying a bag which could lead us to presume this has been set properly since the students within the shot have a lack of props. The Editing techniques used in this are jump cuts and the way the sound effects match some of the action within the video.Jump cuts break continuity. When continuity is broken the audience remember that it’s not real and when creating a film of TV show continuity is important because it lets the audience escape from reality and using jump cuts doesn’t allow the audience to do that. As the student walks past the camera and won the stairs the next shot the audience sees her walking into the frame again from another angle and walking down the corridor. Within this scene you see the match on action as their is a school bell sound effect and them some people within the shot scatter away as if they have to get to class. There is then another jump cut to the student walking out into the garden area and thats when she meets her friend and the 180 degree rule is broken. The next shot is framed similar to an over the shoulder shot but the camera isn’t framed behind the shoulder as you can kind of see both their faces. Then the video ends. The sound throughout the whole video is diegetic as the people in the filmic world can not hear it. There is two bits that are non-diegetic. These first time the sound becomes non-diegetic is when the bell sounds in the second shot the sound is played alongside the diegetic sound. The next time the sound is non-diegetic is when their is dialogue right at the end between the two students. Even-though this video is the one that breaks the filmic world rules and shouldn’t particularly be put into practice within videos and films, but if I had to re-shoot this video I would break more filmic world rules such as “breaking the fourth wall” where the character looks directly at the camera, even though this can make the scene and show/ film more personal it breaks the verisimilitude within the filmic world. I would also make the video longer and have more editing techniques in there some which can be done and others that shouldn’t be done.

Channel Title : Epic Tutorials for iOS & Android Filmmaking

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Published Date : 2018-09-06T05:02:15.000Z

Learn how to use FiLMiC Pro's best in class support for the Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal stabilizer in this Epic Tutorial! In FiLMiC Pro you can take complete control of your recording directly from the gimbal, without the need to tap on your screen. FiLMiC Pro + Zhiyun Smooth 4 Feature Highlights: - Fast lens switching, including dual lens support on iOS - Use side hand wheel as a follow focus - Full manual control over focus and exposure - Lock and unlock your focus and exposure reticles - Three up quick mode selector - + much much more! Get the Smooth 4 on Amazon*: You can check out my Smartphone filmmaking kit list here: Connect with me on social media: Twitter - @ReallyEpicTuts Facebook - Website - Google Plus - Music licensed from: *Affiliate links help support this channel.

Channel Title : Patrick Pimentel

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Published Date : 2018-05-30T00:55:19.000Z

Filmed on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ 98% of the video clips are shot using LOG FILE of FILMIC PRO: GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 : SAMSUNG GALAXY S8+ Music: Jai Wolf - Starlight (4AM Remix) FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Facebook:

Channel Title : 10th Parallel

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Published Date : 2018-06-22T06:47:43.000Z

I compare using the iPhone stock camera app to FiLMiC Pro app. is the difference noticeable and worth it? 🎥 To see a complete list of gear i use and recommend visit my Amazon page: 🤣🍿🥤 ▶︎Like▶︎Share▶︎Comment▶︎Subscribe▶︎ 👇👇👇 🤔 Consider a subscription to our Patreon Page ➡️ Visit: Subscription levels as low as $1 a month Get exclusive unique content unavailable to YouTube One-on-One chat via WhatsApp Additional behind the scenes videos Exclusive How To videos Special Preview Videos Photos not published anywhere else Tips and techniques blog Your support helps us continue to create content, thank you OR 🤔 Consider a one-time donation. No donation is too small. Your support, contribution and patronage keeps this channel operating and brings new fresh content 😀 👉Donation by PayPal: 👏Again thank you for all your support with our YouTube channel👏

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Published Date : 2018-06-28T16:46:06.000Z

After the graduation from college, I was going to ShenZhen, seeking for a job. For the first time stepped on the land of a vast international city, from a county-life's perspective, every experience for me is new and fresh. This video is edited with scrap clips where I went when I finished my job interview. There was nothing prepered, just shot hand held with my iPhone6s. Nothing expect to win since there are professionals making the extraordinary films and videos, I just take a chance to practice my filming and editing. : )

Channel Title : Aleksey Meshkov

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Published Date : 2018-06-30T01:14:05.000Z

A short film made for the FiLMiC One World Film contest. Recently bought this app and saw the announcement. I've never made films like this before. Only short backstage stories . So, in a sense, it was a challenge for me. I bought some equipment (an Osmo stabilizer, a Sirui 60mm lens, a 15$ snowboard) then called my friends Alex and Alex and briefly explained them my idea. They liked it and agreed to help. Alex Semichev quickly came up with the story about snowboarding fan who loves it so much that rides regardless of what season is it now and what’s the weather outside the window. Alex Chudinov played the rider’s role and did it great. We tried several locations and different kinds of surfaces to ride on. The best one was the sand but there already is sandboarding and we came to conclusion that film about sandboard rider would not be interesting. Speaking of contest category of the film I think it’s documentary. #FILMICPROCONTEST

Channel Title : Vinnie Camilleri

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Published Date : 2018-05-10T19:08:52.000Z

Short film for the FILMIC PRO One World Contest by Vinnie Camilleri. Music by Vinnie Camilleri Equipment used iPhone 7 Filmic Pro App Exolens Pro Wide Angle Lens Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter 37mm DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal Edited using FCPX

Channel Title : Croninfilm

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Published Date : 2018-06-29T02:06:50.000Z

Our submission for the Filmic Pro One World Contest! A witty little dinner scene about a couple who discovers each other has cheated!! Starring Kate Eppers and Dean Littlefield Shot on iPhone 8/X using the Filmic Pro App.

Channel Title : KEVIN REBOLLO

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Published Date : 2018-09-05T14:53:22.000Z

WHEN IN FANTASY WORLD Video Montage of our trip in Fantasy World in Lemery Batangas ( Watch in HD ) Medyo kinulang sa clips because I accidentally lost my usb that contains lot of video clips the day we went to lemery. Sayang pero I still got the chance to make this short video montage watchable. Hope you like it! This video montage was entirely shot with Iphone 6S + Filmic pro app + Zhiyun Smooth 4 + Variable ND Filter for phone + Apexel 16mm Wide lens | most of the clips are shot with 1080p reso with 60fps and 120fps DAY TRIP VLOG MUSIC Credits Reborn In Slow Motion (Sirius Mashup) [Copyright Free] Instagram: R_You_Sirius ( FREE DOWNLOAD: Sirius: My Instagram profile Thanks everyone! God bless!

Channel Title : The United States of America.

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Published Date : 2016-07-05T16:47:41.000Z

The Holy Grail of The United States of America -KIDS.and any and less all thoser°.

Channel Title : Stephen Cinema

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Published Date : 2018-05-17T20:00:42.000Z

Short film shot entirely on a smartphone for the Filmic Pro One World Film Festival by Stephen Menor Equipment Used: Huawei Mate 10 DJI Osmo Mobile Blackeye Lens HD Macro Edited on Premiere Pro CC

Channel Title : Me & An iPhone

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Published Date : 2018-06-30T06:50:41.000Z


Channel Title : Jing Xiang Zhang

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Published Date : 2018-04-03T02:12:56.000Z

An iPhone short film about my trip to Bangkok. Directed and edited by Davis Zhang ( amazing soundtrack Elemental Thread by DUBFRED( Iphone短片,紀錄我與我摯愛的家人們到曼谷的旅遊回憶。 ---------------------------------------------- gears : iphone6s olloclip 4-IN-1 LENS SET DJI osmo mobile Filmic Pro app ---------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching!

Channel Title : Zhiyun-tech

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Published Date : 2018-09-29T09:06:43.000Z

In the early September, FiLMiC Pro released an updated version which makes Smooth 4 more powerful. With the world's best mobile filming app, everyone can enjoy the process of creating and filmmaking. Special thanks to : FiLMiC Pro: sebazpictures: Buy Zhiyun Smooth 4 Now: AliExpress Global Amazon US: Canada: Japan: UK: Germany: France: Italy: Spain:

Channel Title : iPhoneographers

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Published Date : 2018-06-12T21:00:03.000Z

GOOD NEWS! We won the FiLMiC Pro One World Film Contest in the Fiction category! We made this short film specifically for this contest. ▶ Download to own the short film and more: Synopsis: A call girl is forced to square up with her boss before she can move on with her life. Short film shot *primarily on an iPhone 8 Plus in 4K using FiLMiC Pro (entered into their FiLMiC One World Contest). *One scene shot on a Canon C200. Writer/Director/Producer - Blake Calhoun Director of Photography - Blake Calhoun & Cliff Richhart Editors - Blake Calhoun & Cliff Richhart VFX - Cliff Richhart Sound Design/Foley/Mix - Alex Lane Music - Score Vault (composed by Damon Criswell with vocals by Kevin Boyd) also the Art List - learn more Starring Susana Gibb, Stephen A. Elkins and Oliver Tull. ▶ Color graded with our FiLMiC Pro LUT Packs... buy them here: ▶ SHOT with FiLMiC PRO ▶ AUDIO recorded with RODE Wireless Mic Kit ▶ Also RODE NTG4+ Shotgun Mic ▶ EDITED in Adobe Premiere Pro Also used After Effects, FilmConvert and Magic Bullet Looks ▶︎ FAVORITE Mobile Filmmaking Apps & Gear: Camera App FiLMiC Pro Editing App LumaFusion Gimbal/Stabilizer Universal Camera Cage/Grip Hand Grip/Tripod Mount Mini Tripod Bendy Tripod LED Light Camera Mic Anamorphic Lens PolarPro IRIS ND Filter Kit Need more smartphone filmmaking gear ideas? ▶︎ FOLLOW US: Thanks for watching! © 2018 Splashbox Studios

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Published Date : 2018-04-13T14:48:34.000Z

FiLMiC Pro, the premier smartphone shooting app, is holding a contest for videos shot with the app and you could win from a selection of amazing prizes! Check out our new updated course on Filmic Pro here: Learn much more about producing video with your smartphone, or any other camera, and turn it into a profitable career with a free trial of

Channel Title : Jamie Luspo

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Published Date : 2018-06-29T17:47:39.000Z

Short Film | Experimental | FiLMIC One World Film Contest 2018 "kalig-onán" is an Hiligaynon (a dialect in the Philippines) term for firmness. It is from the root word líg-on which means to be, become or make firm, steady, stable, strong, fixed, steadfast, reliable or the like. ( The film was shot in selected places in Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It shows the firmness and freedom to live our life in spite of all the hardships and odds in life. Having strong bonds with one another and of nature, we are able to enjoy life and live life as it is. Shot in Samsung S8 | Filmic Pro App Equipments used: PURO micro lense and Huawei selfie stick tripod Edited using: Sony Vegas Pro 15 Filmed by: -Marc Edmund Apostol -Jamie Luspo Video edited by: Jamie Luspo Contributer/s: -Gabriel Mar Ramirez -Gio Louis Jagonos Music: Nadia's Theme by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena from YouTube Audio Library

Channel Title : Farzi Tech

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Reiki official music video

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Android users, rejoice! Zhiyun Smooth 4 is now fully compatible with Filmic Pro. This is a Very Big Deal. Let me tell you why. The Filmic Pro app is the best mobile filmmaking tool in the world. And the Smooth 4 has features that are above and beyond the average mobile gimbal. What a time to be alive! haha This video features video examples shot on both iPhone 7 and the Note 8 with Filmic Pro and Smooth 4. ♦︎ Zhiyun Smooth 4: #smooth4 #mobilefilmmaking ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ Website for blog posts, photos, prints, etc: 🤓▶︎ ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ All my gear in one handy place: 📸▶︎ (All my amazon links are affiliate links. They won't cost you a penny but they will help to support the channel, so thanks in advance!) ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ ☆ ▶︎ My Instagram is @emilymaylowrey : ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ ▿ ▾ → → Need a cool, affordable Lightroom alternative?? Get Luminar 2018, with a lovely one-off price tag, you can have $10 off if you use the code: NERDS here: → → I get my music from SoundStripe and I love it find out more here: ▶︎ Twitter... @emilymaylowrey: ▶︎ Insta... @emilymaylowrey: 🤓 Are you a Micro Four Nerd? Join our Facebook community and share your work!

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Originally this video was made for our British Literature group project based on Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. But I edited a bit and added a filmic bumper at the end. Hope you enjoy it. Original video- Music by theistobias- ♦️Instagram: ♦️Twitter: ♦️Facebook:

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I was tired of watching... I was tired of admiring others that have the luxury of being able to go on adventures for a living. Then I realized, adventures don't have to be about the places you go or the money you spend getting there. An adventure is about the people who you share it with. You can take a picture of an amazing landscape as much as you want, but nothing will beat the memories you create with the people you care about. Because those memories will last a lifetime. I wanted to show that through this film. I hope you enjoy! Go on and seek for an adventure of your own. Music: [All of the songs used are from the Youtube Audio Library] 1940's Slow Dance (Sting) - Doug Maxwell Orbital Romance - Sir Cubworth Overcome - Ugonna Onyekwe Spanish Rose - Chris Haugen Want an AMAZING tool to GROW YOUR CHANNEL? Check out: Don't forget to subscribe for more AWESOME tutorials!: Follow Me: Instagram: Twitter:

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I had the privilege of visiting FiLMiC HQ in Seattle WA and shot the journey on my iPhone 7+ with FiLMiC Pro v6 and Mavic Pro. A special thanks to the wonderful FiLMiC Pro team for their hospitality and making the best damn pro video app! Filmed in 4k anamorphic at 24fps using the Moondog labs lens and graded using FilmConvert’s FiLMiC Pro LOG profile. Arial shots captured with Mavic Pro in D-Cinelike. I left these clips sitting in my FiLMiC Library for months and finally got around to cutting them together - and was really impressed with how film like they - so wanted them to share them here. If you have any questions please ask in the comments! I really love the results I can quickly get with FilmConvert with their FiLMiC Log profile. Check it out here: FiLMiC Pro is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store: You can check out my Smartphone filmmaking kit list here: Connect with me on social media: Twitter - @ReallyEpicTuts Facebook - Website - Google Plus - Music licensed from:

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FiLMIC Pro One World Contest

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BLUE LAGOON Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines This is our travel trip to one of the blue lagoon in the Philippines -Shot entirely on Iphone 7 using Filmic Pro App -Gorilla Pod MUSIC USED: -Markvard - Catch Our Moment Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music -A Himitsu - Adventures Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music released by Argofox Music provided by Audio Library

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When Ash starts getting ominous text messages from an Unknown person, it soon becomes apparent that this may be the last conversation he has with anyone. Unknown (re-edited for Filmic Pro World Contest) Starring: Norman Graham Production Assistant: Jay Kerr Director of Sound/Music Composer: Keith E Jacks Produced by: A.M. Massey & Keith E Jacks Written, Edited, Directed by: A.M. Massey

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Above & Beyond Acoustic returns in 2016: Pre-order the album on iTunes: Pre-order the Special Edition Book: Click here now to subscribe to THUMP: Click here now to subscribe to Above & Beyond: Earlier this year, Above & Beyond performed some of their best-loved songs acoustically as part of a 15-piece band, across four sold out shows at London's famous Porchester Hall. The response from fans was overwhelming and led to two sold-out nights at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles in October, described by Billboard Magazine as "one of the finest and more memorable shows in EDM history." Above & Beyond partnered with THUMP on the production and filming of the London shows to create a concert film that captures the Porchester Hall performances and the story behind the acoustic project. The songs performed at Porchester Hall also form the basis of the "Above & Beyond Acoustic" studio album, which was recorded in the spring and summer of 2013 and features a 24-piece orchestra. Above & Beyond: _______________________________ THUMP is the world's newest authority on electronic everything: _______________________________ Check out our full video catalog: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: _______________________________ THUMP is the world's newest authority on electronic everything: _______________________________ Check out our full video catalog: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:

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My entry for the Filmic Pro Mobile Contest. 100% shot on iPhone 6S slow-motion and Filmic Pro app. 4000 miles. 5 states. 80 hours. 1 epic road trip.

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After being stranded by her friends, Ashley has to walk home in the middle of the night. On her way, she comes across a strange creature that is determined to make sure this is Ashley's last journey. Starring: Ashley McCarthy Jonathan Udho Shashi Massey Gabriella Massey Akansha Massey Director of Sound/Music Composer: Keith E Jacks Produced by: A.M. Massey & Keith E Jacks Written/Edited/Directed by: A.M. Massey

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All of the video footage was shot on iPhone 5's using the FiLMiC Pro App! Here is a timelapse fusion video from Madrid. On the Road with FiLMiC Pro is a series of travel videos following the FiLMiC Pro team around the world to various destinations. We visited Madrid, Spain last summer and rode the tour bus around the city. We had fun setting up different frame rates. The video footage was shot by Neill Barham and Susan Roderick. The photos were shot by Susan Roderick and Jack Hollingsworth. Video edited in Premiere Pro by Susan Roderick Thank you to Triple Scoop Music for the song "Black Ferrari" by Das Tapes. Subscribe to our channel and check out other videos from our On the Road with FiLMiC Pro series! Thanks for watching!

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Short film entry for the Filmic Pro mobile video contest. Based on a true story from Guide's Greatest Stories book.


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