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Channel Title : Volga Video

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Published Date : 2019-03-14T12:42:47.000Z

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Channel Title : New Hindi Dubbed 2019 Movies

Views : 8022832

Likes : 25293

DisLikes : 4468

Published Date : 2019-01-22T08:00:06.000Z


Channel Title : Action Heroes

Views : 7884711

Likes : 34169

DisLikes : 4447

Published Date : 2019-03-06T12:30:02.000Z

Satyam keeps helping the needy under the name of Janatha Garage. On the other hand, Anand is a nature lover who goes to any extent to prevent the environment. One fine day, Anand accidentally gets into a scuffle with Satyam and his Janatha Gang members. During this entire episode, Satyam likes Anand’s sincere approach and requests him to leave everything behind and join him in his fight to save the poor. Why did Satyam choose Anand for this job ? Will Anand join Janatha Garage ? That forms the rest of the story.

Channel Title : Goldmines Premiere

Views : 10073451

Likes : 33242

DisLikes : 6700

Published Date : 2019-03-02T16:30:01.000Z

The movie story deals with Nandu and his group of friends are happy go lucky guys and he gets struck when he sees Akarsha. From thereon, he tries all ways to impress her and finally manages to do that. He is invited for Akarsha's sister marriage and there he meets her father who is going through a series of life threats and other issues from hidden enemies. Nandu comes forward and offers to help. However, there is a motive behind Nandu's help and what happens from there forms the rest of the story. Goldmines Premiere,hindi dubbed movies full movie,south indian movies dubbed in hindi full movie new,new hindi dubbed movies,telugu hindi dubbed movies,Fidaa 2,Fidaa 2 2019 Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movie,Mar Mitenge 2 hindi dubbed movies,Mar Mitenge 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie,Tamil Hindi Dubbed Full Movie,Jr NTR hindi dubbed movies,Jr NTR 2019 dubbed movie,Samantha hindi dubbed movies,Shruti Haasan hindi dubbed movies,2019 superhit dubbed movies

Channel Title : GoldminesAction

Views : 1970740

Likes : 5800

DisLikes : 1582

Published Date : 2019-03-10T16:30:01.000Z

Rama Rao is the son of Ranjan who works as an assistant to Mafia Don Saadu Bhai is an IPS Aspirant. However, he is rejected from police work due to his fathers connections to the criminal underworld. Meanwhile his brother Siddu gets killed in a bomb blast planned by Saadu Bhai. Rama Rao seeking revenge, reunites with his father and becomes Baadshah on the advice of a police officer. He soon takes Macau from Saadu Bhai. Saadu Bhai, peeved by Rama Rao's aggression and guts, joins forces with his rivals and IPS officers, such as Aadi and falsely accuses Baadshah of murdering a police officer. Baadshah discovers that Saadu Bhai is planning a series of bombings in India and that Aadi is a culprit. and going to marry Janaki. So he decides to save India and also completes Operation Baadshah. So he approaches Janaki and falls in love with her. He enters as Ramji a Wedding planner in Janaki's house. He cleverly fools Padmanabha Simha with "Dream Machine" concept and uses him to collect information about Saadu Bhai. Meanwhile Saadu kidnaps police officer and threatens to kill him, Baadshah comes to the location Kills Aadi, Saadu Bhai and Crazy Robert and marries Janaki.

Channel Title : Goldmines Housefull

Views : 5231633

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Published Date : 2019-03-15T16:30:01.000Z

The movie story deals with Daya a fully corrupted police officer who gets transferred to Vizag. There he joins hands with Walter Vasu and treads the corruption route.Twist in the tale arises when Daya girlfriend gets accidentally kidnapped by Walter Vasu.This incident makes Daya very angry and he goes against Vasu and his empire. During this time, Daya also comes to know that there is a bigger motive behind this kidnapping. What is that motive and will Daya manage to find out the truth and punish the culprits forms the rest of the story.


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