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Published Date : 2019-09-20T17:55:37.000Z

[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Pardeep, Desai and Rajnish score Super 10s as Telugu Titans and Patna Pirates share spoils Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans played out a 42-42 tie in a high-scoring raid fest. Telugu Titans’ Rajnish and ‘Baahubali’ Siddharth Desai scored Super 10s to match Patna Pirates’ ‘Record-Breaker’ Pardeep Narwal’s 17 raid point performance as the two teams played out a 42-42 tie at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi in Pune on Friday. The match saw 56 raid points being scored among the two teams in a contest that was dominated by the raiders. Patna Pirates’ early momentum, which they achieved by sending ‘Baahubali’ Siddharth Desai to the bench twice, was halted by a Super Raid from Rajnish. Desai then came off the bench to put in a two-point raid, bringing Patna Pirates on the brink of an All Out. Jang Kun Lee put a couple of more points on the board for Patna Pirates before the All Out was finally inflicted, giving Telugu Titans an 11-6 lead in the 6th minute of the match. Vishal Bhardwaj’s Thigh Hold then sent Pardeep the bench as Rajnish built on his early success to extend Telugu Titans’ lead to nine points. Reduced to three on the mat, Patna Pirates sent in Hadi Oshtorak to raid and he picked up a touch on Abozar Mohajermighani before tackling Rajnish down in his next raid to bring Patna Pirates back into the contest. Pardeep’s 4-point Super Raid then helped Patna Pirate retake the lead by inflicting the All Out with three minutes still left in the half. The remainder of the half was neck and neck as Pardeep put in another 2-point raid before the whistle and made the scores 19-19 at halftime. The second period stayed close as well till Telugu Titans sent Pardeep to the bench twice in two minutes to open up a five-point difference in the 8th minute. Oshtorak’s two-point raid delayed the All Out once again for Patna Pirates but his unsuccessful Thigh Hold on Desai in just the next raid eventually opened the doors for the All Out and gave Telugu Titans a 33-26 lead in the first quarter.  Rajnish then reached his first vivo Pro Kabaddi Super 10 with a touch on Jaideep but Pardeep put in another Super Raid immediately after to reach his Super 10 as well.  Desai and Farhad Milaghardan stepped up in the raiding department for Telugu Titans in the following period while Lee and Pardeep kept scoring for Patna Pirates. But Telugu Titans, even though reduced to three, still maintained control with a five-point lead 16 minutes into the half. Pardeep’s two-point raid inflicted the All Out on Telugu Titans to bring the score difference down to one.  Lee and Pardeep then scored a point each for Patna Pirates and Desai scored consecutive bonus points. However, he was tackled by Oshtorak after his second attempt, to tie scores at 42-42 and that is how the two teams finished in the end. Top Performers: Telugu Titans Best Raider – Siddharth Desai (12 Raid Points) Best Defender – Vishal Bhardwaj (4 Tackle Points) Patna Pirates Best Raider – Pardeep Narwal (17 Raid Points) Best Defender – Hadi Oshtorak (3 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Mohite’s career-best effort guides Puneri Paltan to a win in last home game Pankaj Mohite scored 17 raid points to lead Puneri Paltan to a 42-38 win against defending champions Bengaluru Bulls. Pankaj Mohite’s career-best raiding performance, backed by Surjeet Singh and Sagar Krishna’s High 5s, gave Puneri Paltan a 42-38 victory in their last home game at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi in Pune on Friday. Mohite was unstoppable on the night and was tackled just once in the entire match. Though Bengaluru Bulls took an early lead in the contest, Puneri Paltan’s defence brought their team back through some robust tackles to send back ‘Hi-Flyer’ Pawan Sehrawat and Rohit Kumar. Pankaj Mohite’s Super Raid then ushered in an All Out on Bengaluru Bulls as Puneri Paltan claimed a 10-6 lead. Mohite and the Puneri Paltan defence kept picking up points to maintain their lead before Rohit Kumar struck back with a Super Raid of his own to bring the score difference down to three. However, Darshan Kadian sent him back in his next raid and Mohite followed that up with a two-point raid to put Puneri Paltan back in the driver’s seat. Surjeet Singh reached his High 5 with a tackle on Sherawat in the 16th minute and Rohit scored back-to-back successful raids as the score difference remained at 5 and Puneri Paltan led 20-15 at halftime. Mohite reached his Super 10 in his first raid of the second half and Hadi Tajik sent Rohit to the bench soon after. Another two successful raids by Mohite then brought on the All Out on Bengaluru Bulls once again to push Puneri Paltan’s lead to 11 points. Sehrawat found some momentum once the team reassembled on the mat and put in three successive successful raids including one where he got touches on Surjeet and Tajik, as Bengaluru Bulls cut the score difference to six. Rohit also reached his Super 10 with a two-point raid soon after to bring Puneri Paltan down to three men on the mat. However, Sagar Krishna Super Tackled Rohit twice in quick succession to bring up his High 5 and keep Bengaluru Bulls from inflicting the All Out. The defender put in another Super Tackle on Sherawat after that before finally being sent to the bench by Sumit Singh with 5 minutes still left to play.  Sehrawat put in four more successful raids in quick succession to reach his Super 10 but Pankaj Mohite matched him point-for-point to keep Bengaluru Bulls from inflicting the All Out. However, the All Out was finally inflicted in the 18th minute as Bengaluru Bulls tackled Mohite for the first time in the match to cut the deficit to six. Rohit’s two-point raid brought the difference down to four; and it stayed there as the final whistle was blown, signalling a win for the home side. Top Performers: Puneri Paltan Best Raider – Pankaj Mohite (17 Raid Points) Best Defender – Sagar Krishna (7 Tackle Points) Bengaluru Bulls Best Raider – Rohit Kumar (14 Raid Points) Best Defender – Mahender Singh (2 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Maninder leads from the front as Bengal Warriors eclipse Haryana Steelers Bengal Warriors dominated the first half and kept the reign on the game in the second as they outclassed Haryana Steelers 48-36 at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi in Pune on Thursday. Captain Maninder Singh led from the front with a career-best 18 raid points and was ably supported by a six-point High 5 by Baldev Singh. While Vinay starred for Haryana Steelers with 14 raid points and Vikash Kandola with nine, it was their defence that held them back as they trailed the opposition by six tackle points, which eventually proved to be the game changer. In the first half, Maninder ran riot as he picked up a bulk of the raid points and he was ably supported by his team’s defence. Their efforts soon inflicted the first All Out of the night to bring the scores to 10-3. Haryana Steelers were put on the back foot as a result as at the reset the pressure built up allowing Bengal Warriors to pick up points at will. Maninder continued to inflict damage, particularly when he picked up two successive multi-point raids to build the lead to over ten points with the scoreline ballooning to 19-6. On the other side of the mat, Bengal Warriors’ defence continued to limit the Haryana Steelers’ offence and soon inflicted a second All Out with the scores at a daunting 22-7. When the teams reassembled, Bengal Warriors continued their assault while Haryana Steelers finally managed their first tackle points on the board, indicating where they had been severely lacking so far. Haryana Steelers then managed three straight points, bringing the scoreline to 25-11 and the deficit to 14. But then a Mohammad Nabibakhsh two-pointer kept the opposition in check as Bengal Warriors finished the half with a healthy 30-14 advantage. Bengal Warriors were afflicted as Kandola was tackled successfully five times in that period while their defence failed in 15 tackle attempts, and Maninder’s nine raid points added to the damage. The fight back When the second half began, Maninder Singh completed his Super 10 and Bengal Warriors soon inflicted the third All Out, the score inflating to 34-15. Trailing by 19 points, Haryana Steelers then upped their game as Kandola started delivering along with the defence. Vinay too contributed with a Super Raid and Kandola’s touch points on the last two defenders handed Bengal Warriors’ first All Out of the night as the score read 36-24. Bengal Warriors hit back at the reset with Maninder continuing to add to his tally, only to be matched by Kandola. When the Bengal Warriors skipper managed a two-pointer, for Naveen brought his own two-point raid to the table. But the gap had increased to 12 in Bengal Warriors’ favour. Baldev Singh then managed to tackle Kandola to complete his High 5 and the two teams continued to trade points with Vinay managing successive raid points. The gap had inched down to 10 but with less than three minutes left on the clock a K. Pranpanjan two-point raid got the game to 45-33 and comprehensively out of Haryana Steelers’ reach. While Naveen managed to add a few more points in his tally, it was a little too late as Bengal Warriors sealed the game comfortably. Top Performers: Bengal Warriors Best Raider – Maninder Singh (18 Raid Points) Best Defender – Baldev Singh (6 Tackle Points)  Haryana Steelers Best Raider – Vinay (14 Raid Points) Best Defender – Vikas Kale (3 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Naveen stars again as Dabang Delhi K.C. outshine Telugu Titans Siddharth Desai’s Super 10 wasn’t enough for Telugu Titans as they went down to Dabang Delhi K.C., pillared by Naveen Kumar’s 14th successive Super 10 and a calculative defence, by a scoreline of 29-37 at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi in Pune on Monday. Desai got Telugu Titans off the mark in the match and handed his team an early lead against the league toppers. It looked like Dabang Delhi K.C.’s offence would be contained on the night after Naveen was kept in check early in the game, that included a Super Tackle from Rakesh Gowda that kept Telugu Titans ahead. Naveen was the subject of another Super Tackle minutes later at the hands of Abozar Mighani that extended Telugu Titans’ advantage to four. But then Dabang Delhi. K.C. came together, led by a two-point raid from Naveen Kumar, and a solid combined defence that inflicted the first All Out of the match on Telugu Titans. The two teams then exchanged points leading up to the half - highlighted by another Naveen two-pointer, that included a bonus, and a Farhad Milaghardan raid that got Ravinder Pahal and Joginder Narwal out - with the home team leading 18-15. At the restart, the two teams continued to play on par but Dabang Delhi K.C. edged further as the clock ticked away. With a combination of Naveen’s raids and timely contribution from the defence, Dabang Delhi K.C. scored seven unanswered points that saw Telugu Titans All Out for the second time in the match. The score now read 29-18 with Telugu Titans trailing by 11 points. When the players reassembled, Telugu Titans went on the attack and added three straight points - that included Desai’s two successful raids - and got the deficit down to eight. However, the gap didn’t reduce any further as Naveen’s opportune raids added to Dabang Delhi K.C.’s tally and ballooned the gap to 11 again at 35-24 with just five minutes left. Desai added a couple of successful raids and Vishal Bhadwaj managed two tackles, but the gap proved just too much as Telugu Titans went down by eight points. Top Performers: Telugu Titans Best Raider – Siddharth Desai (12 Raid Points) Best Defender – Rakesh Gowda (3 Tackle Points) Dabang Delhi K.C. Best Raider –Naveen Kumar (12 Raid Points) Best Defender – Anil Kumar (4 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] In match No. 95 of VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season 7, U Mumba defeated U.P.Yoddha with a score - line of 39 – 36 at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi, Pune. #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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Pardeep Narwal becomes first player to cross 1000 raid points as Patna Pirates beat Tamil Thalaivas Patna Pirates snapped their six-match losing streak in vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 7 with a 51-25 win over Tamil Thalaivas at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium in Kolkata on Monday. ‘Record-Breaker’ Pardeep Narwal was the star of the show with 26 raids points and became the first player in league history to cross 1000 career raid points. Patna Pirates started the game confidently with Pardeep Narwal causing all sorts of problems for Tamil Thalaivas’ defence. They inflicted the first All-Out of the game on Tamil Thalaivas in the ninth minute to open up an 11-4 lead and take immediate control of the match. Pardeep then became the first player to reach 1000 raid points with around about five minutes left in the first half as Tamil Thalaivas’ defence struggled to find an answer for the ‘Record-Breaker’. Tamil Thalaivas eventually executed a Super Tackle on Pardeep towards the end of the half, but the Patna Pirates skipper still finished the opening period with 12 raid points to his name as his team took an 18-13 lead into the break.    The three-time champions began the second period with intent and enforced a second All-Out on Tamil Thalaivas four minutes into the half to extend their lead to 25-13. Pardeep wasn’t done yet, though, and continued to dominate proceedings. Two Super Raids by him in quick succession helped inflict a third All-Out on the southerners and extended Patna Pirates’ lead 37-15. Even though the game was done and dusted as a contest by this stage, Patna Pirates were unrelenting in terms of their intensity and enforced a fourth All-Out on Tamil Thalaivas with six minutes left to play. They crossed the 50-point mark in the final minute and finished the game having scored the most points by a team this season. Top Performers: Tamil Thalaivas – Best Raider – V Ajith Kumar (10 Raid Points) Best Defender – Sagar (3 Tackle Points) Patna Pirates – Best Raider – Pardeep Narwal (26 Raid Points) Best Defender – Jaideep (7 Tackle Points) [Video Courtesy: Star Sports] #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi


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