Pro Kabaddi 2018 Todays Matches 8 November 2018....!

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Jaideep’s defensive masterclass helps Patna Pirates overcome Tamil Thalaivas Patna Pirates picked up their second win of VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season 7 after overcoming Tamil Thalaivas 24-23 at the DOME@NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai on Monday. Both defences dominated proceedings, but Patna Pirates’ Jaideep shone the brightest with seven tackle points, including two Super Tackles. Tamil Thalaivas were quick off the blocks and raced into a 4-0 lead courtesy of a couple of successful tackles by Manjeet Chhillar as well as successful raids by Ajay ‘Iceman’ Thakur and Rahul ‘Showman’ Chaudhari. A Super Tackle by Jaideep, though, got the scoreboard ticking for Patna Pirates. A two-point raid in a Do-or-Die situation by Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou then tied the contest at 4-4. However, neither team could dominate the other and found it difficult to open up a lead, with both defences on top of their game. The final 10 minutes of the first half saw both sides limiting risks and choosing to score points from Do-or-Die situations. A few successful Do-or-Die raids by Tamil Thalaivas skipper Thakur looked like it had given them a slight edge towards the end of the first half. A Super Tackle by Patna Pirates’ Hadi Oshtorak and two successful raids by substitute Monu, though, ensured that nothing could separate the teams at the break with the scores tied at 11-11. Both teams’ first points of the second period came from successful tackles in Do-or-Die situations. That being said, while Tamil Thalaivas’ tackle fetched them just one point, Patna Pirates’ Jaideep produced a Super Tackle to give his team a one-point lead early in the second period. Patna Pirates looked as though they were beginning to open up a lead towards the half-hour mark after some robust tackling and raiding by Monu. A two-point raid by Chaudhari, however, dragged Tamil Thalaivas back into the game again. The topsy-turvy affair continued as Monu executed a crucial Super Tackle to give Patna Pirates a two-point lead heading into the last quarter of the game. The three-time champions took a two-point lead into the last five minutes and doubled it to four a minute later thanks to yet another successful tackle by Jaideep, and Pardeep ‘Record-Breaker’ Narwal’s first raid point of the night, which sent Manjeet to the bench. The final few minutes saw Patna Pirates put in a disciplined performance and protect their lead to eventually register a one-point victory. Top Performers: Tamil Thalaivas – Best Raider – Rahul Chaudhari (5 Raid Points) Best Defender – Manjeet Chhillar (4 Tackle Points) Patna Pirates – Best Raider – Monu (3 Raid Points) Best Defender – Jaideep (7 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Super 10s by Pardeep and Deepak take Patna Pirates to four wins in a row on 21st November 2018, Wednesday. A strong performance by Patna Pirates that saw them outscore Tamil Thalaivas in both, raid and tackle points, took them to a 45-27 victory at the Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad on Wednesday. Captain Pardeep Narwal and Deepak Narwal both managed Super 10s on the night while young Manjeet scored 8 vital points including 3 tackle points. #VivoProKabaddi #ProKabaddi2018 #PKLhighlights

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Stellar defence drives Patna Pirates to victory against Telugu Titans Patna Pirates’ defence scored twice as many as their counterparts and helped their team score their maiden win in Season 7. A 16-point performance from Patna Pirates’ defence helped the visitors beat home side Telugu Titans by a scoreline of 34-22 in the final match at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad on Friday. Left Corner Jaideep scored six tackle points and substitute Monu managed four in what was a masterful display from the duo.   Patna Pirates raced to a 4-0 lead courtesy of a two-point raid from Pardeep Narwal, another one from Jang Kun Lee and a tackle point from Hadi Oshtorak, but Telugu Titans responded with three straight points of their own, thanks to a Super Tackle from Vishal Bhardwaj and a bonus point from Siddharth Desai. The visitors managed to reduce Telugu Titans down to just two men on the mat, but a technical Super Tackle helped them avoid the All-Out and also cut the deficit down to just a solitary point. However, that proved to be a momentary respite, as Patna Pirates scored three straight points and inflicted the game’s first All-Out on the home side to take an 11-6 lead in the contest. Desai scored his second bonus point of the night but was caught by Iranian Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou during retreat, giving each team a point. What followed was a nine-point run by Patna Pirates that inflicted the second All-Out of the night. Of those nine, Narwal scored four raid points, Jaideep added two tackle points, Oshtorak scored another and the visitors were awarded two for the All Out, giving them a 21-7 lead in the contest. Post the second All-Out, Desai responded with a two-point raid that sparked hopes of a comeback, but two unanswered points from Patna Pirates restored the visitors’ 14-point advantage, and the two teams headed into the half-time break with Telugu Titans trailing 23-9. Telugu Titans started the second half on a bright note, outscoring the Patna Pirates 4-1, courtesy of three tackle points from the defence and a raid point from Desai. They added two more points to their score and reduced Patna Pirates down to three men, but a Super Tackle from Neeraj Kumar and a successful bonus attempt Jang Kun Lee put the Patna Pirates back up by 13. Substitute Monu made instant impact on proceedings by scoring three tackle points in two tackle attempts, putting the Patna Pirates up by 15 with just over five minutes left in the contest. Monu added a fourth tackle point to his tally with a brilliant block on Suraj Desai, but Telugu Titans continued to push for a comeback, as substitute Ankit Beniwal and Siddharth Desai added two quick raid points to their team’s total. A successful Do-Or-Die raid attempt from Jang Kun Lee with just under two minutes left put the Patna Pirates back up by thirteen and ended the home team’s hopes of getting any points from the contest. Top Performers: Patna Pirates – Best Raider – Pardeep Narwal (7 Raid Points) Best Defender – Jaideep (6 Tackle Points) Telugu Titans – Best Raider – Siddharth Desai (5 Raid Points) Best Defender – Vishal Bhardwaj (2 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Proficient performances from Pardeep and Neeraj power Patna Pirates to victory Pardeep Narwal’s third Super 10 of the campaign and Neeraj Kumar’s eight-tackle-point performance propelled Patna Pirates to a 41-20 victory over U.P. Yoddha at the Patliputra Indoor Stadium in Patna on Friday, giving them a perfect end to their home leg. Patna Pirates were off to a fiery start, as three raid points from Narwal and two tackle points from the defence helped them build a 6-2 lead over six minutes into the contest. Narwal added a fourth raid point to his tally and Right Corner Neeraj scored his second tackle point of the night to reduce U.P. Yoddha down to a solitary man on the mat. Patna Pirates were able to inflict the game’s first All-Out on U.P. Yoddha owing to some tight defending and took an 11-3 lead. The home team continued their good work post the All-Out as Neeraj quickly added two more tackle points to his tally to complete his maiden High 5 in VIVO Pro Kabaddi. A brilliant tackle by Jaideep, followed by two successful raids on the trot by Narwal then reduced U.P. Yoddha down to just a solitary man. With an emphatic Dash, Neeraj pushed the raider out of bounds and inflicted a second All-Out on U.P. Yoddha, giving the home side a 13-point lead. Jang Kun Lee and Neeraj then added a point each to Patna Pirates’ score, as the two teams headed into the half-time break with the home side leading 24-9. The second half started with the home side scoring five of the first six points, as Narwal completed a Super 10 in the process. But the visitors responded by scoring five straight points led by Mohsen Maghsoudlou and Surender Gill. However, just when U.P. Yoddha were clawing their way back into the contest, a two-point raid from Lee not only revived two men but also extended Patna Pirates’ lead to 16. Azad Singh and Gill reduced Patna Pirates down to three men, but the home side’s defence responded by scoring a Super Tackle to maintain their healthy advantage. Vikas Jaglan scored two tackle points in quick succession which reduced U.P. Yoddha down to just three men and, just a couple of raids later, Patna Pirates inflicted a third All-Out on the visitors to take a 41-18 in the contest. Gill and Sumit added a point to U.P. Yoddha’s score in the final minute, before the clock expired, confirming Patna Pirates’ 21-point victory. Top Performers: Patna Pirates – Top Raider – Pardeep Narwal (12 Raid Points) Top Defender – Neeraj Kumar (8 Tackle Points) U.P. Yoddha – Top Raider – Monu Goyat (4 Raid Points) Top Defender – Sumit (3 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Ajith’s the hero as Tamil Thalaivas and Puneri Paltan play out a thrilling tie V Ajith Kumar’s four-point raid helped the home side avoid an All-Out and wiped away a big deficit with just minutes left in the contest. A heroic four-point raid from V Ajith Kumar as the sole man on the mat for Tamil Thalaivas helped the home side salvage a 31-31 tie after an intense battle with Puneri Paltan at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai on Sunday. A collective effort from the defence and offence helped Tamil Thalaivas race to a 5-2 lead. However, Nitin Tomar’s first raid point of the night followed by skipper Surjeet Singh’s successful tackle on Ajith cut Puneri Paltan’s deficit to one. Manjeet’s two-point raid followed by another point each from Surjeet and Tomar capped off a run of six successive points for Puneri Paltan that reduced Tamil Thalaivas to just one man on the mat. Puneri Paltan’s defence then made no mistake in tackling the raider and inflicting the All-Out to take a 11-6 lead in the contest. Tamil Thalaivas responded well to the All-Out and scored four of the next five points to cut Puneri Paltan’s lead down to two. But Puneri Paltan fired back with three unanswered points of their own from Pankaj Mohite and Manjeet in attack as well as a tackle point from Girish Maruti Ernak, to push their lead back to five. Two tackle points from Ran Singh, split by a raid point from Ajith, helped the home side finish the half strongly as the teams headed into the half-time break with Puneri Paltan leading 15-13. Just like the first half, Tamil Thalaivas started the second period strongly and made light work of Puneri Paltan’s three men on the mat to inflict an All-Out in under two minutes and take a two-point lead in the contest. The two teams went back-and-forth over the next six minutes, however, a run of two successive points for Puneri Paltan, courtesy of Surjeet and Manjeet, helped the visitors level the score. Both raiding units went on to match each other point-for-point over the next six minutes, leaving the game evenly poised at 24-24 with just over five minutes left in the contest. Puneri Paltan then seized the initiative and outscored Tamil Thalaivas 5-1 over the next couple of minutes to not only take a four-point lead, but also reduce the home side to just a solitary man on the mat. But in an unexpected twist, the sole man, Ajith managed a four-point Super Raid, reviving three players and also levelling the score at 29-29. Tamil Thalaivas’ defence added another point to their total while also reducing Puneri Paltan down to just three. However, in another twist in the tale, Puneri Paltan’s three-man defence Super Tackled Rahul Chaudhari to take a slender one-point lead with only enough time for just another Do-or-die raid. Manjeet went in for the game’s final raid and in his attempts to score a touch point ventured too deep into the opposition half and was tackled by defender Vineet Sharma, thus ending the game in a tie. Top Performers: Tamil Thalaivas – Best Raider – V Ajith Kumar (8 Raid Points) Best Defender – Ran Singh (4 Tackle Points) Puneri Paltan – Best Raider – Pankaj Mohite (7 Raid Points) Best Defender – Surjeet Singh (7 Tackle Points) #VIVOProKabaddi #PKLhighlights #PKL2019 #IsseToughKuchNahi

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[Video Courtesy: Star Sports] Ajay Thakur, Pardeep Narwal star as Tamil Thalaivas and Patna Pirates play out a tie on 30th November 2018, Friday. Patna Pirates and Tamil Thalaivas played out a thrilling 35-35 tie in Vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 6. Tamil Thalaivas would be the more disappointed side as they had the chance to win it twice in the dying seconds. Ajay Thakur was the star man for Thalaivas once again and scored 16 points. Pardeep Narwal got his 11 th super 10 of the season and ended up with 11 points. Manjeet Chhillar scored five points for Tamil Thalauvas and was ably supported by D Pardap(4 points) in defence. #VivoProKabaddi #ProKabaddi2018 #PKLhighlights


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