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Most people don't even think about the possibility of being kidnapped. But there's a slim chance that it may happen to you. This experience is likely to be very traumatic. But if you know how to behave, the chances are high that you will come out of it unharmed. Let's imagine that criminals managed to get to you. Remind yourself that most victims of kidnappers survive their ordeal. Staying positive will help you not to lose heart. And this is the first and main step toward freedom. Remain calm, and don't threaten your captors. Be cooperative, and don't show any signs of aggression. So, do you want to find out how to deal with a kidnapping situation? Then watch our new video! TIMESTAMPS: Take care of your safety 0:52 What to do in the first moments after the abduction 1:47 What to do if you haven't managed to escape 2:30 Try to keep your spirits high 3:13 Think about your action plan 3:36 Try to establish a connection with your kidnapper 4:01 What to do in captivity 5:38 Recognize when it’s time to escape 6:42 Don't get in the way of your rescuers 7:14 Teach your kids the main safety rules 7:48 #kidnapping #survivaltips #kidnappers Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Take your safety seriously. Don’t walk on your own along deserted streets or after dark. Muggers aren't the only criminals you can come across in these circumstances. If you absolutely must go somewhere, make sure you travel with a companion. - Try to keep your panic at bay and analyze the situation. You need to understand if there's a real possibility of escaping in the first few minutes after an abduction. The first moments after a kidnapping are the riskiest. If you feel that there's no easy way to escape, all your attempts won’t be worth the risk. - Pay attention to the kidnappers, to your surroundings, and to the route the car is taking. This knowledge may well help you to escape. It might also help your rescuers when the time comes. - First and foremost, try to figure out why you've been kidnapped. This can influence the way you will communicate with your captors. If they want to get a ransom for you, they will most likely want you alive. Thus, trying to escape might not be worth the risk. - If you manage to establish a personal connection with the captor, it will be more difficult for them to harm you. Thus, do not get on the nerves of the kidnapper. Do not try to manipulate them. Do not beg, blow a fuse, or burst into tears. - Try to challenge your mind as this will help you not to go round the bend. You can develop different escape plans, have imaginary conversations with your friends, remember the names of all the states, crack math problems, or sing songs. - Your captors start to treat you more brutally. They stop feeding you. They quit wearing their masks around you. They look frightened or agitated. They release other captives but not you. These are signs that indicate you're in danger. - When you realize that the cavalry is near, hide from your kidnappers if you can. Cover your head, get under a bed or table, or hunch up in a bathtub. Stay still, and avoid moving until your rescuers get inside. - Tell your kids not to accept any gifts from strangers, even if it's something innocent and cute (like a kitty - Neither should they go with adults or other kids who ask them for help. Explain to your little ones that an adult should never ask for a kid's assistance. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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HOW TO BECOME RICH IN REAL RACING 3? TIPS AND TRICKS -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~- CHECK OUT MY LATEST VIDEO: SUBSCRIBE: My gear: Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Headset: Case: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~- So you were wondering how to become rich in Real Racing 3? Here is the answer! In this episode I give you three tips so that you can buy expensive supercars and hypercars! SUBSCRIBE for the channel if you are new! I post videos about Real Racing 3 every week to help you design your cars, be better at racing or just for fun! Comment: What do you want to see on the channel? HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF THIS SERIES! FIND PXELGUY ON FACEBOOK: FIND PXELGUY ON TWITTER: PXELGUY INSTAGRAM: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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“Big fan of the ass grab.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedViolet videos! Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Spice It Up Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. FEATURING Quinta Brunson Becky Harris Gaby Dunn Allison Raskin Corey Flaspoler Patrick Hickman Karl Girolamo Roscoe Brandon SOURCES GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed is the world's first true social news organization. Featuring tasty, short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed. /BuzzFeedVideo is BuzzFeed's original YouTube Channel, with a focus on producing great short-form BuzzFeed videos for YouTube (and the world!). BuzzFeed Video will entertain, educate, spark conversation, inspire and delight. Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today and check us out at BUZZFEED YELLOW Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From hilarious social segments to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Yellow will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more yellow. BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue. BUZZFEED VIOLET BuzzFeed Violet: the good kind of awkward. Short, relatable videos that are totally you. Just like BuzzFeedVideo but violetier.

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It’s time to pack your bags, because this Monday, we’re taking a trip and stealing beauty secrets from women across the globe. Tune in to learn how to keep your lips plump and hydrated all day, keep your skin agelessly flawless, and grow strong nails!

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A lot depends on your start at the beginning of every race. Have you ever wondered how to have the best start in Real Racing 3? If you master starts, than you have a lot less car to overtake during the race. How to do it in the best way? I’ll show you! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~- CHECK OUT MY LATEST VIDEO: SUBSCRIBE: My gear: Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Headset: Case: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~--~-~~-~~~-~~-~- HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF THIS! FIND PXELGUY ON FACEBOOK: FIND PXELGUY ON TWITTER: PXELGUY INSTAGRAM: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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If you're searching for REAL weight loss tips for lazy people look no further. This video will give you some quick ways to snap out of the lazy life hack mentality. Everyone wants an easy weight loss diet plan & workout plan, but these quick tricks usually don't work. These 5 tips are proven to work. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: Fat Loss Calculator: TIMESTAMPS: # 1- Responsibility 1:25 # 2 -You are in control 3:33 # 3 - Discipline 5:34 # 4 - Dismantle limiting beliefs 6:59 # 5- Penalties for not doing what you’re supposed to do 8:10 I know what you're probably thinking. You're thinking that I'm going to give you a bunch of quick and easy tips that probably dont work. Lets be honest, doing things like drinking detox drinks, taking cold showers swallowing magical fat burning pills, eating from smaller plates, or Simply walking more and using the stairs rather than the elevator it can all help and by help I mean it can assist in the weight loss process but you know and I know that all these simple little tricks will never come close to replacing diet and exercise. Maybe at the most if you combine all of them you'll burn 50 to 100 extra calories per day. And that's really not going to help you lose very much weight at all. So in today's video I Really Am here to help those of you that feel lazy & can't seem to stick to a solid weight loss plan. And if you are truly looking to lose weight you have to understand that it all starts with your mental disposition. Because whether you're lazy or not doesn't change the fact that you will have to put in work to lose the weight. You can click on another video that'll tell you otherwise but you know & I know that there will be work involved. So the question really comes down to what's going to get you to do the work consistently without quitting & without cheating. And like I said over 90% of the battle is in your mind. So right now i want to go over five ways that are going to get you mentally prepared to do the work even if you're the laziest person on planet Earth. Let's start with the first way & that's responsibility. You have to take responsibility for the way your body looks & the way your body feels. Nobody will take responsibility for you. It's not up to your doctor it's not up to your family or your friends it's not even up to your personal trainer to ensure that you get into shape. Its solely up to you. Nobody can make the decision for you. You're bodies present state today is a collection of the decisions that you've made over the course of last couple days, weeks, months, and years. Which means if you want to change it permanently you have to also change the decisions that you're making on a daily basis. But before you can feel power over the decisions that you make you have to take full responsibility for your body. Taking responsibility doesn't mean that everything has to be your fault. It's obviously not your fault if your were born with a thyroid condition, or if you're not naturally athletic, or if you have asthma. None of these are any more your fault than someone that's born short rather than tall. However, you should take the responsibility to work on yourself from where you are now. Not everyone is dealt the same hand in life. Some people have easier starting points than others, but wherever you are it is solely your responsibility to take it in whatever direction you choose. You don't get up every day & brush your teeth because it's fun you do it because it's necessary for your teeth to not fall out. Well it's necessary for you to be physically active not for just parts of your life to quickly get into shape, but for your whole life. It's necessary for you to not overindulge in processed food. You have a physical body because you were meant to be physically active & it's your responsibility to stay Physically Active your whole life. Not do a workout program for a couple weeks & then stop for a couple months & then start again to lose the weight & then stop again & gain the weight back. Because everytime you stop no matter what reason you come up with you are refusing to take responsibility. And then you fall down a slippery slope & make it harder & harder to take responsibility. Having this kind of mental disposition gives you control which is actually my second tip. You are in control. To be in control of your body means that you have a choice. In order for you to have a choice you have to align yourself with the nurture perspective over the nature perspective. To put it simply with the nature perspective the spotlight is on genetics & there's no denying that genetics exist but with nature, your usually giving your genes more credit & more control than yourself & your actions. With nurture yes of course genes will infulence certain traits, but your environment plays a much larger role.

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This video was sponsored by TellTale games. Check out 7 Days to Die here: Rated M for Mature. Zombies are EVERYWHERE -- in movies, in games, on TV. And for as ridiculous as it might seem to be attacked by the walking dead, it's much more science than fiction. Which begs the question, how do you survive the zombie apocalypse? Well, it's all about location, location, location. So where is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to outlive the attacking zombie hordes? I think I may have found the answer! Join the Theorists! ►► Twitter: @MatPatGT Instagram: @MatPatGT Facebook: MOAR ZOMBIES! Game Theory: Zombie Killin' ►► The Philosophy of The Walking Dead ►► The WALKING DEAD's Silent Killer! ►► More Game Theories: The SECRET Psychology of Pokemon Go ► Luigi's SECRET Identity! ►► Why Mario Is MENTAL ►► GAME THEORY MERCH! Equip it HERE ►► Business email:

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Encapsulated Real Flowers using Nail Tips Working with Non Dominant Hand. In this video I show how I did these encapsulated real flowers using nail tips. For this set I'm working with my non dominant hand. I get requested a lot to show acrylic nail design using tips and using my non dominant hand so here you go! I usually prefer sculpting acrylic nails using nail forms but I know if you're just starting out using nail tips is so much easier. Visit my shop: LongHairPrettyNails Pink Nude Acrylic: LongHairPrettyNails Rose Pink Acrylic: LongHairPrettyNails Clear Acrylic: Precut Glass Shard Effect Paper: Nailfie Glass Diamond: Donate to my YouTube Channel: Products Used: Nailfie Glass Diamond: Clear Nail Tips: IBD Brush On Nail Glue: Naio Nails Nail Prep Dehydrator: No Lift Nails Primer: Stainless Dampen Dish set: LongHairPrettyNails Clear Acrylic: Turquoise and Gold Glitter Mix: Dried Flowers: Gold Foil: (BeautyBigBang 10% off code EVIE) 100/180 grit nail file: Portable E-File: Poochiez Nails Mediium grit Safety Bit: Nail Dust Collector: Medium/Fine Buffer Block: Naio Nails Urban Graffiti Gel Polish (Tropical Beach) Poochiez Nails Super Shine gel topcoat: SunUV Nail Lamp: Naio Nails Vanilla Cuticle Oil: Nail Dust Collector and e-file review: Gearbest: SunUV LED nail lamp: Portable E-File: Nail Dust Collector: Manicure Set: Drill Bit Set: New Camera (Sony FDR-AX53): Old Camera (Sony HDR CX440): SanDisk 128 GB 4K SD card: Vlogs: New Camera Vlog: Supply Run Vlog: Nails, Coffee, and Shopping Vlog: Banggood: Alpha Brush (code: LongHair10 for 10% off): Alpha #8 Oval Kolinsky Brush Nail Art: Nail Art Supplies: Follow me!!! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Music used in this video is owned by Bancroll Entertainment LLC. I have exclusive and explicit written permission to use this music for entertainment purposes. **********Business Inquiries Only******** If you have a product you would like me to review. Please feel free to contact me at

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Do you like or enjoy my videos? Then consider buying me a coffee: How to Make New Friends - 3 Tips on Finding Real Friends (animated) Have you ever thought about why we make friends? After all, do we really need friends at all? Couldn't we get along just fine by ourselves? We are social creatures and derive a lot of our happiness through the relationships that we have developed. People with good friends tend to live longer lives. They also tend to be healthier. Good friendships have been associated with lower levels of stress, decreased blood pressure, and a reduced risk of depression.

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Today I wanted to talk about focusing inward and tapping into your inner narcissist. No jk. It's completely healthy and a good idea to take some time for yourself, and I thought I'd talk alllll about the problems we might run into when we become our biggest critics. Yoga Vids!: Kalel's no makeup video (really great to feel confident in your skin) Snapchat: arose186 Twitter: @ardenrose Instagram: ardenrose Tumblr: arose186 For any/all business inquiries please contact with Arden Rose in the subject line.

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roomtour vid:' art portfolio vid: ***NOTE: I AM NOT AN ACNE/SKIN EXPERT / THESE ARE MY EXPERIENCES / MY OPINION / MY SKIN IS NOT FLAWLESS OR PERFECT BUT IT DID CLEAR UP A LOT **** --TO SKIP STORYTIME FOR TIPS/ADVICE/PRODUCTS GO TO : 4:25--- PLEASE DO SHARE THIS IF U FOUND THIS USEFUL/HELPFUL. ur share can help others suffering from acne :) Feel free to comment/dm/message me if u have more questions on acne, hopefully I can help :) instagram: @ibrahimkamit @ibrahimsart twitter: @ibrawear snapchat: @ibrahimk9 other tags: acne / pimples / acne tips / tea tree / skin / skincare / advice / routine / severe acne / acne scars / tips / storytime / banishacne / dermaroller / lifestyle / acne myths / tone / moisturize / face wash / accutane / garnier / nivea men / faceshop / skinfood / anti-acne / t3 acne body wash / oxy 5 10 / tea tree oil / tien herbal toothpaste / apple cider vinegar / toner / black peel off mask / blackheads / whiteheads / nose strips / benzly peroxide / exfoliating scrubs / exfoliater / nano white / face mists / avene mist / nature republic / alove vera / mental health / stress /

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These are the fundamentals of dirt track racing I've learned over my career. This video applies to real life, but it is made within the scope of iRacing, giving specific tips for fellow iRacers out there, noobs and experts. Thanks for watching, please subscribe for more content! These principles apply everywhere. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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Watch in 720p ! How to survive middle school in less then 15 minutes ;) stay tuned for a freshman advice video ! THANK YOU FOR 1,500 SUBS *Im a sophomore btw water challenge: take a sip every time i say "Um" If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment or dm me on instagram @pimpcesspraise MY OTHER BTS VIDEOS Back to School outfit ideas: How To Survive Middle School: WATCH ME get ready for my first day of high school: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ follow me on GRAM @pimpcesspraise business inquires: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REQUEST A VIDEO (Im running out of ideas ty) Music ( Instrumental produced by Chuki intro song Champagne Rain - Luke Christopher NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED

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★O P E N M E★ Hey! I deliver with Uber and think you should try it too. Sign up with my referral link today and you could qualify for a new promotion where you are guaranteed to make at least $150 in total payout for your first 30 trips: Referral Invite code=latauzawui Sign up with my referral link today and you could qualify for a new promotion where you are guaranteed to make at least $140 in total payout for your first 30 trips: Referral Code: andrew7273ui ★ I'm Tasia & Im 32. (Jaide Brielle)👶🏾🎀 baby #5 on November 19, 2017. I have two beautiful boys Andrew (6)👦🏾 & Ryan (4)👦🏾 and a set of TWINS Elijah(2)👦🏾 & Samiyah(2)👼🏾. I have been married to my love Andre for 10 years. We are documenting parts of our journey to look back & reflect on. Any info I share hopefully can help someone too! PERK 😊 Sign up for UBEReats using our link & give it a try!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 📲 Get CONNECTED w/ me:📲 +INSTAGRAM- @tasia_wilnic +FACEBOOK- SimplyTasiaTV 🌈Jaide's Baby Registry 💘 YouCaring FUNDRAISER for Samiyah's Headstone : | GET TO KNOW US | ❤︎ GENDER & NAME REVEAL VIDEO ❤︎OLD WIVES' TALES VIDEO ❤︎PREGNANT WITH TWINS PLAYLIST 📹((NEW)) Vlogs: MONDAY°WEDNESDAY°FRIDAY° | For Sponsorships or Endorsements | Email: Do you SHOPKICK?? + Collect point towards awesome prizes while you shop! Click the link below for more info... #SimplyTasiaTV ººVLOGGER MUST HAVESºº {{Shop}} VLOG cameras: Sony DSC-WX80 Canon Powershot A2300 The music used in VLOG: (Royalty Free Music) -from Beats 4 Broke Folks, released October 21, 2014 Produced, arranged and mixed by Kwelar -DanoSongs -Audionautix -YouTube Audio Library -iMovie Library Tags: Pregnant with Twins, Pregnancy #3, We are Pregnant, Family Vlogs, Vlogger, Daily Vlogs, Pregnancy Updates, Natural Hair, Natural Hair Styles, Dominican Blowout on Natural Hair, Hairfinity, ORS relaxer, relaxer update, transitioning hair textures, mommy vlogger, young and married, style, beauty, day in the life, mom of 2, potty training, autism, FAMILY, FUN, Vlog, comedy, cats, crazy, fun, Family, Relationships, marriage, Pregnancy, Baby Bump, Baby Shower SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV, SimplyTasiaTV,

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**READ HERE** Teanna, 19, Bronx, Ny Remember! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE —————————————————————————————————————————————— SOCIAL MEDIA: SnapChat - TeeTalks PRODUCTS USED: HAIR: Ali Julia - Malaysian Curl 18 closure, 20, 22, 24 CLOTHES: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO: Sony a5100 Diva Ring Lighting iMovie Editor Discount Codes: Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin- USE CODE FOR 60% OFF “SPINTEE" on all brushes!

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Follow me here: Here are 5 tips on how you can gain real Instagram followers starting today. (sorry for the lame lighting in some of my videos, I am working on a better setup) If you liked this video, check out my 10 tips on how you can start your own clothing line: Subscribe: Follow Me Here: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for watching!

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Recommended Engineering Books Information credits : Edward Crawley (Professor at MIT) Voice Credits : Reed Salan (CSUF Civil Engineering) - Script - 10 Real Tips for Success for Engineering Students 1. Identify the people who inspire you, and find out what makes them tick. If you love Apple products, Steve Jobs may be your idol, or perhaps you love the Segway and its creator, Dean Kamen. You can easily find out a lot of information about Jobs and Kamen—or just about any other prominent person in technology—so use it to look into what's helped these people and their companies become so successful. Then emulate their good traits in your personal, scholastic, and professional life. 2. Develop a portfolio of projects. Participate in every hands-on, experiential learning opportunity that a balanced schedule allows. This way, you'll have something unique to show a prospective employer (or venture capitalist) when you graduate, while other students will only be able to list their courses. In addition, you'll be far more likely to retain the knowledge you've gained in classes because you'll be applying it and, in the process, boosting your communication and interpersonal skills 3. Learn the value of networking. When it comes to being a leader, whom you know is almost as important as what you know. Attend lectures on your campus and introduce yourself to the speakers. Check with your school's alumni association to get a list of alumni from your program who want to connect with undergraduates. In addition to E-mail, you can use LinkedIn or other social media tools to connect online. But remember: There's no substitute for a traditional, face-to-face meeting, so if you can find a way to meet in person, that's always the best. 4. Work in teams as much as you can. Whether it's creating a solar-powered car, participating in a sport, or writing for the school paper, get involved with an organization that requires a team effort to produce great results. Throughout your career, you can be sure you'll work in teams, and the skills you develop in school will help prepare you to lead teams when you graduate. 5. Seek informal leadership roles. You're always a leader, whether you're officially in charge of a team or not. Sounds counterintuitive, but you can lead from any position in an organization by influencing how people work together and how they make decisions. Usually people think that the leader is the president or the manager, but if you learn how to recognize and deal with various leadership styles from any position in a team, you'll be seen as a leader when you take on your first job or internship. 6. Find your flaws—and fix them. As with any skill, leadership needs constant improvement. When you are part of a team, try to create a way to get feedback from team members, group leaders, and professors. When you have concrete feedback on how people view you, you can work to improve your skills, including communication and leadership. Plus, you'll learn how to accept—and give—constructive criticism. That's absolutely necessary for your future career. 7. Take a business class. As an engineer, it's not enough for you to be technically proficient; you need to have business savvy. If you're going to be a leader, you need to understand what a P&L is (also known as an income statement), read organization charts, know how to negotiate contracts, and be familiar with the myriad other functions that every top engineer needs to know. Otherwise, you won't understand what to do when an accountant, lawyer, or middle manager gets in the way. A business course or two can take you a long way, and these classes are often easier to pass than your calculus course! 8. Take design and other humanities classes. There's a wide world out there beyond problem sets, laboratories, and theory. Take a visual design course so you'll learn to represent ideas graphically. Take a cognitive science course to learn how people interpret the world and understand it. Take a literature course to develop your knowledge and appreciation of the classic books, which will help you write and communicate more effectively. 9. Make your summers productive. Employers place tremendous value on practical experience. Seek out internship opportunities actively and early in your academic career. Try to demonstrate through your internships a series of evolving leadership experiences, and use the internships to build your portfolio of actual projects/products. 10. Recruit and develop your personal board of directors. As an undergraduate, you might feel alone when confronted with hard decisions about the courses to take, jobs to apply for, or even balancing school work and your personal life. You won't feel alone if you develop a personal board of directors just for you. - study tips for engineering students - Image credit "" Designed by Freepik

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Here are 10 ways how you can crush it in real estate specially if it'll be your first year! MY PRODUCTS: SCRIPTS: The Book of Yes: EQUIPMENT: Editor ➳ Final Cut Pro X: Camera ➳ Canon G7X Mark II: LOOKING FOR CA REAL ESTATE LICENSE PRACTICE TESTS? Go to: Use coupon code: LOIDAV for 10%OFF FOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MY BEAUTY CHANNEL: LADIES, WANT TO BE COACHED BY ME? Ready to take your business or to the next level? To apply for business coaching send me an email: or go to (serious applicants only)

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If you want to make my day, you can make a 1 off donation to buy me a virtual tea or beer here: Cheers Twitter: Google Plus:

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You just got your brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+, now what? Here are my top 10 tips and tricks for unlocking and utilizing the hidden and "advanced" features of Android. If this is your first Android phone after switching from an iPhone or you're still uncovering all the great features of Android, this should help out a ton! If you're already fluent in Android, this may be old news to you. Share some of your own tips, tricks, and advanced features in the comments! CHECK OUT SOME AWESOME ACCESSORIES FOR THE GALAXY S9 & S9 Plus: *PURCHASE THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 or S9+: WALLPAPER MEGATHREAD: SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: JOIN THE THIS IS TECH TODAY COMMUNITY ON DISCORD: FOLLOW ME Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ---- VIDEO GEAR I USE - Panasonic GH5s: - Panasonic GH5: - Canon T5i: - Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art Lens: - Manfrotto 502 Video Head: - Manfrotto 3-Section Tripod: - Manfrotto 190go! Tripod: - Manfrotto Mini Tripod: - Joby Gorilla Pod: - Elgato Livestream: AUDIO GEAR I USE - Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic: - Sound Devices MixPre 6: - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2: LIGHTING I USE - VILTROX LED Lights: AMBIENT LIGHTING I USE - LIFX Color 100 A19 Wifi Smart lights: - Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit LED Triangle Panels (Brains + Nine Panels): - Nanoleaf Aurora Expansion Pack (3 Panels): - LED Light Strip: - RGB Oil Diffuser: - Sea Salt Lamps: - Aukey Table Lamp: OTHER - Apple MacBook Pro with Touchbar: If you would like to support the channel so I can keep making videos, please click on the following link before you do your shopping on Amazon. The channel gets a little bit of commission on it, but it doesn't cost you extra at all. I would greatly appreciate it!

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Real Estate tips for new agents or any agent looking for a massive boost in their business. This series will definitely give you tools you can implement immediately to start making more money and get more business. - website for products and Modern Success - for those interested in joining eXp Realty filiate_id=1131861 - Mike Wolf Tax Deed Property Course - Application for eXp Realty - Agentology ISA Service Affiliate - Vulcan 7 Affiliate Link - Landvoice Affiliate Link - Agent Leads University Affiliate Link - Constant Contact site for Database emails - Cole Realty Resource For Phone Numbers - Haines Directory - Mojo Dialer - realty Juggler CRM - Espresso Agent Lead Service CODE:BRYAN Office Address: 19138 E Walnut Dr. #204 Rowland Heights, CA 91748 Modern Success: Link to Purchase my Glasses: Products: Follow me: My website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Business Email: My Canon 70D Camera: The Compound Effect: Secrets of The Millionaire Mind: Relentless: Pitch Anything: The 10x Rule: How To Become A Power Agent: video with all LINKS TO PURCHASE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS

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Join the full Real Estate Video PRO mini course here (25% OFF): OR Join the Full Time Filmmaker Online Film School here: To see my FREE 1-Hour Filmmaking Training: To see a full list of ALL the gear I use: Music in this video licensed through soundstripe and by Bytheway-May. For business inquiries email me at

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Do you really know what you’re entitled to?

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This is a special show with success tips for new real estate agents who have been in the business for less than five years. Today I'm featuring two highly successful agents both revealing their stories, their tips, their regrets, the mistakes they made. All in the name of sharing their best advice for new agents. Learn More: ------------ The #TomFerryShow is here to help real estate professionals stay ahead of the curve to always be innovating, changing, adjusting, staying as relevant as possible with the very best tools, the right-now strategies, and the things that are working today for rock star agents! I hope you got some helpful tips and new ideas from this video. To ensure you don't miss all my FREE training videos all you have to do is sign up here with your email: Download FREE Agent Scripts and Tools: Get a FREE copy of my new book: Tom Ferry Coaching: Tom Ferry Events: Join Tom's VIP List: Success Summit 2018: ------------ Connect with me on my other social channels: Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - Podcast -

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Download the files to follow along this tutorial here: Tips 1. use a DSLR: Gear, Nikon or Canon entry DSLR Kit’s see my suggestion here: 2. Tripod Lightweight 3. Setting Aperture: F7,1, 100 iso, Shutter speed to have a slightly dark photo and use a 2-second timer so that don't touch the camera while the photo is taken. 4. Camera absolutely level 5. No element too close to the photo 6. Police the border, make sure nothing is sort of half in and out around your photo 7. Use a raw developer like Lightroom or Luminar to get the best out of your raw files

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¡Hola ! El video de hoy es mi rutina completa y real de ducha, cómo me baño en mi rutina de mañana, y trucos y tips para flojas como yo! 24 horas en el baño! Es como un grwm con trucos para el cabello, la celulitis y demás. Espero que os guste muchisimo! ♡NO OLVIDES SUSCRIBIRTE♡: subo video todos los domingos!! Más videos que te pueden gustar: ♡TRUCOS PARA ESTUDIAR Y APROBAR: ♡MI RUTINA DE MAÑANA REAL 2018: ♡TRUCOS PARA NO LLEGAR TARDE EN LAS MAÑANAS: En este canal encontrarás videos de: tips de estudio, trucos para flojas, rutina de mañana, rutina de noche, rutina de clases, trucos para clases, tips para no llegar tarde, que hacer cuando estás aburrido, haul de ropa, compras online, lo que pedi vs lo que recibi, haul de aliexpress, house tour, room tour, retos de 24 horas, un dia conmigo, haul de material escolar, sorteos, tips que toda mujer debería saber, ... Así que SUSCRIBETE si te gusta el contenido! Me encantan los videos de Kenia Os, Pautips, whatthechic, Katie Angel, Lizy P, Kimberly Loaiza, Jukilop, Michmoon, Paulette, La mafe mendez, Paula Gonu, Ana vbon, Natalia Merino, Trilliz, Dianina XL, Mimi XXL... La mayoría youtubers mexicanos, colombianos y españoles. Mis RRSS: ♡Youtube: ♡Instagram: ♡Facebook: ♡E-mail de negocios/ business: PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES: ¿Qué editor usas?: Sony Vegas Pro 13 ¿Qué cámara usas? : Canon Powershot g7x ¿Cúando subes video?: Cada domingo!! te espero Os adoro ♡ A POR LOS 200K :D

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In this Love English video we had some special guests! We were joined by 6 of our best students and they shared their tips for learning English. They also say why they love learning English! We hope you love learning English too! Leila and I also share our top tips for learning English as well. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to Love English for more lessons and if YOU want to be in a Love English video then comment below! Follow us on social media : Instagram:

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Welcome friends! This video discusses my top 5 tips for getting Diamond. You may find time-stamps below: Google Doc: 2:00 = How to Cultivate a Strong Mental Game 20:00 = How Optimize Your Pre-game 42:00 = How to Be More Proactive 1:00:30 = How to Shotcall and Prioritize Objectives 1:10:30 = How Manage Waves and Rotate Learn How to Become a Channel Member Today: If you want to support this channel, you may also donate here: Donation Rewards: $5 Donation = ~5 minutes of OP.GG review during stream $10 Donation = I will play any champ you want during stream (normal game) $10 Donation = I will sing the song of your choice (I'm terrible at singing; some restrictions) $20 Donation = Coaching Session (replay review off-stream) $25 Donation = Coaching Session (replay review during stream) $25 Donation = In-Depth Guide for a champion or topic of your choice I stream ranked games starting at 9:30 PM EST Monday-Friday. Come join the conversation and hang out with the wonderful community we are building.

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Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapko kuch youtube success tips di hai, waise toh aapne bahut se si videos dekhi hongi, jaise how to be successful on youtube? 10 things to do on youtube? 10 things not to do on youtube, ya fir 3 mistakes of my youtube career, Magar Maine aapse is video mein real success tips share ki hai, jinko agar aap follow karte hai toh aap apne youtube channel ko nayi heights pe leke jaa sakte hai, aur jinhe main khud personally follow karta hu. Link to GeekyRanjit's Video: Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google Plus: About : Technical Guruji is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)

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Follow along as I work through a few rough sketches for a new project; I discuss the key style points and techniques you can use to develop your own architectural sketching style. Each sketching vignette includes many tips, but broadly they fall under the following headings: 1) Simply your toolset: fewer tools = fewer decisions 2) Start small: move quickly, be less precise, less precious 3) Line work: architectural sketching is a line art, not a fine art 4) Annotations: helps create a layered esthetic, describes things you're not able to easily show 5) Media + Implements: how changing these from time to time can spur new ideas. 6) Practice: the one thing guaranteed to improve your architectural sketching technique. **Here's the link to GET INVOLVED in my NEW PROJECT: // GEAR I USE // CAD DRAWING TEMPLATE: * Download here: ARCHITECT'S TOOLKIT: * Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit: ARCHITECTURE ESSENTIAL TOOLS: * PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: * MUSIC I USE: * #architecture #architect #architecturetutorial -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Travel Like An Architect (My Habits)" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Real Estate : Tips to Invest in Small Properties by India's First Real Estate Coach, B M Pounacha. WealthDoctor | Secret to Become Rich in just 30 days, Visit: To know more, Watch: To Get All Your Financial Queries Answered, Just leave a Missed Call on, #02261816111 - or - Just post a request on website. Learn to SAVE, SPEND, INVEST and BORROW consciously by just subscribing to our channel You can also Visit us at Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Add us on Google+ Join our network on LinkedIn Follow us on Instagram #RealEstate #Property #BuyProperty #ReturnOnInvestment #MoneyTalk #FinancialPlanning #IndianMoney #Loans #Tax #Insurance #MutualFunds #FreeFinancialAdvice #Save #Spend #Invest #Borrow #PropertyMaintenance #Will Thanks for Watching! "Be Wise, Get Rich".

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Get Real DIY Tips on painting interior walls/rooms for your home or office. DIY BRI gives real advice on methods he has used for years to get professional looking painting results. Painting walls tips for beginners on how to paint with roller without leaving marks. How to paint with a roller without streaks video. Here is a link to the paint roller I recommend.. The one I used in this video is 10 years old and I have painted 100+ walls. Still works great! This is a link to the best paint brushes for the money DIY Bri videos are edited with Corel Video editing software, if you would like more info on the software I use click the link Check out my other YouTube Chanel's Too! My personal channel: My car problem/FIX channel: My how to channel (this channel DIYBRI) SUBSCRIBE TO ONE OR MORE OF MY CHANNELS FOR MORE GREAT STUFF!

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Just a few tips to help you in your next open house! There are programs/apps out there you can use for people to sign in on an Ipad if you want to go that route. Watch My YouTube Video Playlist on Open Houses: LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE SCRIPTS: The Book of Yes: EQUIPMENT: Editor ➳ Final Cut Pro X: Camera ➳ Canon G7X Mark II: LOOKING FOR CA REAL ESTATE LICENSE PRACTICE TESTS? Go to: Use coupon code: LOIDAV for 10%OFF FOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MY BEAUTY CHANNEL: LADIES, WANT TO BE COACHED BY ME? Ready to take your business or to the next level? To apply for business coaching send me an email: or go to (serious applicants only)

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Tom Gathman, aka The Real Hiking Viking, successfully completed a southbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail starting in Maine in December 2015. In this video, he shares some of the tips and tools he learned along the way. Find his SOBO Appalachian Trail Winter Gear List here: Where you can find this hat:

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NEW SHIRT! - Hey, there! Are you a human man? Are you wracked with guilt by the very circumstances of your birth? Fret not, my daft child, for today, we've got just the remedy! Here are some ways you can improve your life, be an ally to women, and stand up for what is right. By the way, I'm back after escaping Twitter Jail. Turns out Jack's bodyguards aren't actually bodyguards. They're more like interns with frail bones and very poorly connected necks. You'd actually be shocked by how easy it was to Splinter Cell my way out of there. It was genuinely ridiculous. You'd think Twitter could afford people who's necks didn't crack so easy but I guess that's where we're at. SHIRTS ► TWITTER ► FACEBOOK ► TWITCH ► PATREON ► SUBREDDIT ►

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Q-Redew Hair Steamer (Canadians) (US) Favorite Black Owned Brands Camille Rose Eden Bodyworks The Mane Choice Tailored Beauty AnnaBelle's Perfect Blend Curl Junkie Oyin Alikay Naturals About Me; Natural Since January 2014 Born and raised in Canada Parents from Jamaica Hair: Majority is High Porosity, crown and hairline is low porosity and super frizzy! The front curls are loose like an "S", the hairline and back are tighter like bolt screws ;) My hair is super fragile, it will break easy, I use a lot of natural products that have protein. I can never let my hair go dry or it will break. My Hair Regimen 2018: My Everyday Routine: My Current 2018 products: SUBSCRIBE 2 MY CHANNEL!! THANK YOU!! XO ---------------------- If you are a company that would like to sponsor me/review your product(s) or a Youtuber looking to collaborate, send me an email at Thank You! Instagram: Twitter: @NekiCakes Pinterest: Neki Cakes

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What's good #FAM!!!??! In this video, I give you guys tips and hacks on how to live the Bad and Boujee lifestyle on a budget. I give you guys tips on clothes, designer items, hair, nails, going out to eat, VIP & more. I truly believe you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good and have a good time. If you have any questions or other tips, leave them below! * A L L S O C I A L M E D I A* Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: @BrittanyTheHost Website: *V I D E O S Y O U' L L L O V E* *THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER WASTE YOUR MONEY ON*HOW TO *THINGS YOU SHOULD SPLURG ON *HOW TO BE MORE CONFIDENT *BUDGET & SAVINGS TIPS & HACKS *HOW TO GET GREAT CREDIT *11 PLACES TO MEET GUYS: *NIGHTTIME PAMPER ROUTINE: * HOW TO APPROACH TO A GUY: * SORORITY ADVICE * GRADUATE SCHOOL Q & A *W H A T I U S E / S U G G E S T E D P R O D U C T S* T E C H: Camera - Canon T5i Home Studio Lights *Other Studio Lights Ring Light MacBook Air MacBook Pro iMac Desktop LIFE CHANGING BOOKS: *The Secret - *Think and Grow Rich - *The Alchemist - EDITING - iMovie D I S C L A I M E R: *I do not know any music in the video

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Looking to start a blog that ACTUALLY makes money? These 6+ tips will help you do just that! ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- Ok so today we're talking about how to start a blog that REALLY makes money. It's totally, even in 2018! There's a number of ways to make money with a blog, but you need to follow these 6 steps if you REALLY want the possibility of doing this full time. 1. Get in the right mindset. Mindset matters in anything, ESPECIALLY if you're starting a business (and this blog should be treated like a business). 2. Chose a niche that you're passionate about, and know well. 3. Know what your end goal is, and HOW you want to make money blogging. 4. Do Keyword Research on your topics! 5. Just start writing! 6. Get an email service provider to collect emails! Also, watch til the end for BONUS TIPS on how to start your money making blog! ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- ✌️Check out my other SEO Videos: ► ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- 🔗Links I Mentioned: ►Unfu*k Yourself: ►Best Website Hosting (SiteGround): ►Keywords Everywhere (get Google Search Volume anywhere): ►Google Keyword Planner: ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- 📚 My 3 Must Read Books (in order): ►Unfu*k Yourself: ►the Millionaire Fastlane: ►The One Thing: ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- 📷Filming Setup: ►Camera: Canon 6D - ►Tripod: ►Light Boxes: ►Microphone: ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- 👨‍💻Resources: ►Tubebuddy (amazing YouTube tool): ►Keywords Everywhere (get Google Search Volume anywhere): ►Best Website Hosting (SiteGround): ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- ➡️Give me a follow! ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- ----------------------------------------­­­--------------- WHILE EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ACCURATELY REPRESENT THE INFORMATION OFFERED AND ITS POTENTIAL, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL EARN ANY MONEY USING THE TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS IN THESE MATERIALS. EARNING POTENTIAL IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON THE PERSON, THEIR IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES.

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I very much hope you find it beneficial to you. For those who wish to support me, you may do it at Thank you.

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Hello dosto aapka swagat hai meri channel ZaZy JoKeR pe.. aaj me lekar aaya hu ek naya video clash of clans kaa jisme me aapko sikhaaunga ki aap kaise Townhall 9 ke war Attack me easily 3 Stars leke aa sakte ho.. aaj me kuch aesi tips and tricks sikhaane vaala hu jo aaj tak aapne kahi nahi dekhi hogi aur ye video dekhne ke baad aap koi bhi townhall 9 war base ke upar 3 stars laa sakte ho toh dhyaan se ye video Pura dekhna.... Like karna ye video ko ... Share karna apne dosto ke saath aur subscribe zarur kijiye humaare channel ko..

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Here's sharing 25 very effective and working tips to GET REAL INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS in 2018-19. Since these tips are ethical, it will get you free real followers, which will further increase the engagement on your instagram posts. No shortcuts, but these are 100% working Instagram tips. Instagram Famous Playlist - SUPPORT THE CHANNEL & BUY USING BELOW LINKS Amazon - Flipkart - Website - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Subscribe to Almost Social - Email - eAlmostSocial (at) Kolkata Vlog - Chennai Vlog - [HINDI] Best Ways to Earn Money (Passive Income) - [HINDI] Google Adsense Alternatives for 2016 (Top 10) - [HINDI] How to Earn Money from INSTAGRAM - [HINDI] Get UNLIMITED Real Instagram Followers & Likes Daily (Instagram Famous #1) - [HINDI] 7 Facebook Tips & Tricks You Must Know - TechSome TV presents 'Almost Social', where you will get to watch videos on how to earn money online, getting followers on Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & many more, and everything else you will need to get stronger online. Don't miss the videos in English & Hindi both.

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Here are a few quick Reorder Paragraph Tips and Tricks from Shaanee to help you find the PAIRS quickly and score more marks in your PTE Reading section. Any time you see the above mentioned SPECIAL words in the text, ask yourself - "who or what are they talking about?" Always find the easiest pairs first and look for these connecting pronouns in the sentences. Watch til the end to find out what are the changes and how YOU can OVERCOME these difficult questions to successfully pass your exam. ______________________________________________ Shaanee is a teacher and director of Dream English PTE. As a non-native English speaker, she achieved the Australian dream by completing her studies and obtaining her Permanent Residency in this country. In order to do that, she had to obtain 20 points towards her PR through the PTE Academic - just like you! Shaanee has coached countless students towards getting their desired score on the exam. As a non-native English speaker, she has a unique perspective of how YOU TOO can overcome difficulties in your exam regardless of your level of English or grammar knowledge. Like, share and subscribe for more updates and future videos :)

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Dosto Aaj ke es video me ham bat karne bale hai, Successful people Vs unsuccessful people ki, with 5tips "FOLLOW ME" ►Facebook- ► instagram- ► twitter- ► Watch All videos- जब तुम नहीं पढ़ रहे हो तो , उस टाइम कोई न कोई पढ़ रहा होगा, और जिस दिन वह तुमसे मिलेगा वह जीत जाएगा [Amresh #mahatmaji] Mahatmaji Technical is a YouTube Channel, where you will find Educational , motivational Videos in Hindi, :) ►S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E- mahatmaji technical EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS [हिंदी में ] ►Depression से निकलने का आसन तरीका || How to Overcome depression - ► How To Get 90% Marks In board Exam✔ ► What after 10th Class ??? Commerce, Science✔ ► How To Score More Than 90% in Hindi✔ ► How To Study Effectiveness✔ ► Motivation Videos in hindi✔ ► Group study Vs self Study✔ ► How To Avoid Mobile Phone/Facebook/Distractions✔ ► How To Avoid Silly Mistake || Score 100 percentile || In Hindi✔

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Here's my review of iRacing's dirt content. There are some tips in case you plan on purchasing it in the near future. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


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