Telugugamer Got Huge Donations In Life Time Thanks To All Donators Haters Stay Away Abimanyu Yt....!

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Published Date : 2019-10-08T09:27:39.000Z

Telugu gamer gained people respect through the donations , in the history of telugu gaming community TG got huge donations some donations got missed while editing please excuse me for that💟 Watch till end👍 Prise chesi okka video upload chesthey ne istam vachinnatu comments lo edusthunnaru ippudu emantaru ra Vaadi gurinchi neeku endhuku annaru kadara, naakey kavali deeniki sachipothunnaru inka direct gaa troll chesthe em aipotharu ra Fcuk off🤙 haters Thanks for watching Leave a THUMSUP👍 Subscribe if you satisfied

Channel Title : abiMANyU YT

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The fight between telugu streamer and hindi streamers, expected and very intense. TG squad finised Hydra clan with the help of souLoptus Thanks for watching Subscribe this channel for more videos

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Thumbnail it self tells many words, listen whole conversation for more clarity about HOW STREAMERS BACKSTABS TG. It takes soo many hrs to collect videos and editing don't skip single second Thakns for being here To TGえRamesh: Bro nuv ehh description chaduthuvunte oka small request, nannu misunderstand chesukovadhu bro nee name use chesukoni popular avvali ani naaku wish ledhu i hardly support you love you❤️ UNITE TELUGU GAMING

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Telugu gamer hacker kaadu athani gameplay chusi haters hacker ani promote chesthunnaru Here Telugu gamer top Sqad kills I'll upload his all Sqad wipe videos regularly The person i trusted in pubg mobile Genuine player Can we hit 49 likes Help me to reach 1k subs... Like the video to reach TG ramesh🤗 Thank u Device:mi note 5 Software: Cyberlink

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No offense to any one..... This is the PUBG youtube journey of TG, soo many abuses, backstabbings, misunderstandings...... And finally he stands in one of the top player in telugu gaming Emulator to iphone xr Thank you Do like and share the video Subscribe too Device:mi note 5 Soft2: cyberlink

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First of all thanks to all Sponcers and donaters who supports ramesh In the history of telugu gaming community ramesh got surprise gift from sponcer "Narayan raj" Thanks for the surprise brother... Keep support TG and telugu gaming community💟 Like the video until it reach TG ramesh and help me to hit the 1k subs, thank u Device:mi note 5 Software: Cyberlink


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