The Runaway Bus Restored....!

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Published Date : 2017-07-30T20:11:04.000Z

At last, the full print in nice condition and with the missing phone booth sequences put back. I believe this is probably the only full version of this film now available, pieced together from a Channel 4 screening in 1990 and with the full logos and BBFC certificate too. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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When a thick wave of fog rolls through London, visibility in Heathrow Airport drops to zero. With all flights canceled, inept bus driver Percy Lamb (Frankie Howerd) has the task of driving stranded passengers to an unaffected airport. Lamb has quite a few interesting personalities onboard, including the boisterous Miss Cynthia Beeston (Margaret Rutherford) and an innovative stewardess (Petula Clark). But Lamb is carrying more than passengers -- he's unknowingly transporting stolen goods.

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Gordon Parry's 1952 film "Innocents in Paris" is another forgotten comedy, telling the story of a number of Britishers making their first trip to Paris. Among those appearing, who make it eminently watchable are Alastair Sim as a British diplomat, and Margaret Rutherord as a slightly dotty artist. Small roles also go to Christopher Lee & Kennneth Williams before they found stardom. This is the full version of the film rather than the 87 minute version normally shown on UK tv, which is missing all the scenes featuring Laurence Harvey which were cut for the film's US release. The missing segments have been edited back into this version that was originally transmitted on C4 in the UK. Long overdue for a dvd release, it did appear on dvd in Spain in 2006 but that version is no longer available.

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Stars David Tomlinson,Margaret Rutherford, Barbara Kelly&Gordon Jackson

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The FireChasers* Complete Movie *Restored* year. 1971 With . Anjanette comer as Toby Collins Keith Barron as. jim Maxwell

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Air Date: October 9th, 2005 Season 7, Episode 19 Narrator: Michael Brandon #ThomasAndFriends #ThomasHDClassics #MichaelBrandon


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