Troll Life....!

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Published Date : 2016-10-01T19:19:23.000Z

Troll Life won Best Film (Platinum) Award at Asia's Largest Film Making Challenge! 1220 Films from 262 Cities in 20 Countries participated in this 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge! The competition was judged by an elite panel comprising of Madhur Bhandakar, Vetrimaran, Sriram Raghavan & Nagesh Kukunoor. Troll Life was Written & Directed by Rahul Riji Nair and was produced by Lijo Joseph under the banner of First Print Studios. Theme: Top of The World Compulsory Element: Comic Book Genre: Experimental (Dark Comedy) Lyrics, Script & Direction - Rahul Riji Nair Produced By – Lijo Joseph Cast - Renjit Shekar, Arjun Ranjan, Abhimanyu R, Jithesh DB Executive Producer - Jithesh DB DoP – Vinayak Gopal VFX & Editing- Praveen Sebastian Music - Sidhartha Pradeep Asso. Directors – Mohamed Sohal & John Jose Assistant Directors – Sandeep Nair Sub-Titles - Harikrishnan V Associate Cameraman - Shyam S Sound Engineer – Anoop Kammaran Singer - Nithin Raj Grading - Luke Jose

Channel Title : Childish Gambino - Topic

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Provided to YouTube by Awal Digital Ltd III. Life: The Biggest Troll [Andrew Auernheimer] · Childish Gambino · Childish Gambino Because the Internet ℗ MCDJ Entertainment under exclusive license to Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC, distributed by AWAL Released on: 2013-12-10 Composer: Donald Glover Composer: Ludwig Göransson Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Me encanta el ARK y Conan Exile, intentaré subir ambos juegos y algunos juegos random :D

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Rage Comics - In Real Life (4,5,6) Wallet for donations: PayPal:

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There are 6 life hacks that can change your life forever. You will know what are the real life hacks. :v Prepare: Try not to laugh


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